Deutsche Telekom in the USA

T-Mobile US (TMUS) has been providing voice and data services for Deutsche Telekom since 2002. Following the merger with its competitor Sprint on April 1, 2020, TMUS is the second largest mobile communications provider in the U.S. market (in terms of customers) and serves almost 110 million customers. 

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T- Mobile US currently operates the largest and fastest 5th generation (5G) cellular network in the US. In the LTE network, T-Mobile offers the fastest average transmission speeds combined with high network coverage. 

The various innovative "un-carrier" initiatives of recent years are the basis for T-Mobile US's great success in the U.S. mobile communications market. Deutsche Telekom’s subsidiary is also ahead of its competitors in numerous surveys on service quality. 

Flexible ICT solutions 

With branch offices spread across the whole of North America – including in New York, Detroit, Toronto, and Montreal – T-Systems, the business arm of Deutsche Telekom, is perfectly positioned to offer its customers in the United States and Canada customized, flexible ICT solutions. 

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Places of operations, subsidiaries and affiliates of Deutsche Telekom Group.