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Deutsche Telekom in Greece

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Deutsche Telekom is represented in the Greek market by the OTE Group, Greece’s largest telecommunications provider.

Together with its subsidiaries located in three countries (Greece, Romania, Albania), OTE constitutes one of the leading telecommunications companies in South-Eastern Europe. Under the standard COSMOTE brand, the OTE Group offers an exhaustive range of telecommunications services.

Fixed network and mobile communications

In Greece, Deutsche Telekom’s core business relates to solutions for fixed-network and mobile telephony, broadband services, pay TV, and ICT. Besides its core telecommunications operations, the OTE Group is also actively involved in maritime communication, real estate, and professional training.


B2B/ICT business customer operations and wholesale business continued to follow an upward trajectory in 2018. The FMC offering developed positively, with rising 
customer numbers and corresponding revenues.

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Places of operations, subsidiaries and affiliates of Deutsche Telekom Group.