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Deutsche Telekom in Greece

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Deutsche Telekom is represented in the Greek market by the OTE Group, the largest technology company in Greece. Under the COSMOTE brand and its key message “a better world, for all”, the OTE Group offers a full range of telecommunications services: from fixed-line and mobile telephony, broadband services, to pay television and integrated ICT solutions. In addition to its core activities, the Group in Greece is also involved in maritime communications, real estate and professional training.

Consumers and business customers

OTE Group has the largest fiber optic network in Greece, COSMOTE Fiber, which enables more than 77 percent of the population to have access to internet speeds of 100 Mbit/s or higher. At the end of 2020 OTE achieved its ambitious FTTH expansion objective, covering more than 300,000 households, and is on track to reach approximately 500,000 households by the end of 2021. 

In mobile telephony as well, the company breaks new ground as COSMOTE became the first mobile operator in Greece to launch 5G services in the wake of a successful round of spectrum auction in December 2020. The Company plans to reach 5G population coverage of approximately 50 percent by the end of 2021 and to cover the nationwide highway system by 2023, while continuing to promote data usage over its superior 4G/4G+ network.

OTE Group’s pay TV service, COSMOTE TV, leverages its over-the top (OTT) platform launched a year ago, to further strengthen its consumer offering and leading market position. The award of the UEFA Leagues (Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League) broadcast rights for the upcoming three seasons (2021 to 2024) strengthens COSMOTE TV’s competitive positioning with highly popular content.

OTE Group, demonstrating extensive experience in IT integration, and having formed strategic partnerships for the implementation of complex ICT projects, constitutes a leading partner of choice for businesses seeking modern solutions in the fields of Digital and Cloud Transformation, cyber security, Internet of Things, health, tourism and energy.

Sustainable Business

OTE Group uses technology and its capabilities to create a better world for all. At the same time, it enhances its sustainable entrepreneurship, while, contributing to the economy, the society and the environment.

In 2020, a very difficult year for all stakeholders due to the pandemic, OTE Group’s social contribution amounted to approximately 5.1 million euros. The focus of its activities was the development of digital skills for people of all ages, as well as meeting society’s core needs by supporting vulnerable social groups, children, education, local communities, culture and sports. 

The Group aims for financial growth in accordance with environmental responsibility in all aspects of its performance. The most important objectives of the Group’s environmental strategy are its contribution to mitigation climate change and the continuous integration of the circular economy principles into its activities. 


Against the negative COVID-19 pandemic impact, OTE Group continues to deliver a solid top-line performance, remaining vigilant and continuing to implement cost-mitigation measures to support its profitability and cash flow generation. Its aim is to deliver growth, driven by increasing demand for its fixed broadband and mobile data services, reflecting its technological edge, extensive infrastructure upgrade, and focus on customer experience. Extensive investments in FTTH and 5G networks, will further fortify the company’s positioning. Furthermore, OTE further pursues its ongoing journey of digitization and transformation, aiming to become even more agile, efficient and customer focused.

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