Deutsche Telekom in Montenegro

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Crnogorski Telekom is the largest telecommunications company in Montenegro, and provides a wide range of fixed and mobile telecommunication services – voice, internet, TV, FMC services, leased-line circuits, data networks, ICT and Cloud solutions.

Flagge Montenegro

From 2012, all products are marketed under the T- brand. In April 2005, Magyar Telekom obtained a 76.53 percent interest in Crnogorski Telekom, and Crnogorski Telekom became part of Deutsche Telekom Group. In January 2017, HT Holding doo, company fully owned by Hrvatski Telekom, bought the complete Magyar Telekom’s stake in Crnogorski Telekom A.D. Deutsche Telekom AG holds 51 percent of the Hrvatski Telekom shares. 

Crnogorski Telekom has market leadership in postpaid, in both segments – business and residential customer segment – and in overall number of mobile internet customers. In the 2020, Telekom also recorded an increase in the market share in the total mobile segment compared to the year before.

Network infrastructure

Telekom’s strength lies in its network, so the company is continuously working to increase the capacity and coverage of 4G. By the end of 2019, 96.97 percent of the population in Montenegro was covered by 4G signal of Crnogorski Telekom. Recognition for investments in infrastructure and network quality came from the official National Telecommunications Agency, which measurement of quality parameters of mobile network services in Montenegro showed that Crnogorski Telekom's mobile network provides customers with the highest average internet speeds in the entire territory of Montenegro. In addition to being officially the fastest 4G mobile network in the country in 2020, more than a half of the overall 4G data traffic in Montenegro goes through the CT’s 4G network. 

Offerings for cosumers and businesses

CT is becoming recognized as a reliable partner to Montenegrin businesses and public sector, and a company with various innovative solutions which make Montenegrin cities smarter – from the first Smart Parking and e-Ticketing solutions in Montenegro, to the first air quality and noise pollution control systems, as well as the first waste management solutions and first e-Mobility program in the county with the network of chargers for e-car all over the Montenegro, etc.

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