Deutsche Telekom in Montenegro

Crnogorski Telekom is the largest telecommunications company in Montenegro that provides a full range of services to business and residential customers.  

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Although telecommunications has always been the company's core business, to remain the leader in the field, Telekom has had to evolve from a traditional operator to a company that values innovation and finding new ways to improve customers' lives and their business.  

Thanks to that, Telekom today provides customers with connectivity, business partners with safe, proven and reliable new technologies, and local communities with the opportunity to improve their work with citizens and overcome the digital divide.   

As part of the Deutsche Telekom Group, Telekom in Montenegro has integrated sustainability principles into its operations, while social and environmental criteria are at the core of the company's decision-making process.  

Network infrastructure 

Telekom’s strength lies in its network, so the company is continuously working to increase the capacity and coverage of 4G. In the 2022, Crnogorski Telekom launched the first commercial 5G network in Montenegro, and by the end of that year had the biggest 5G and 4G networks in the country. In addition to being officially the biggest mobile network in the country in 2022, almost a half of the overall data traffic in Montenegro goes through the CT’s mobile network.  

Montenegrin telecommunications market 

Crnogorski Telekom has a 54.3 percent share in the fixed-network market, a 42.5 percent share in fixed broadband, and a 34 percent share in the TV market. In addition, the company has a 33.2 percent share in the mobile market, of which postpaid makes 40 percent and prepaid 25.4 percent market share. 

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