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Measure success

We measure our performance using Group-wide KPIs and basing our measurements on international standards.

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Supply chain management

We are partners to our suppliers when it comes to a more sustainable approach to doing business.

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Human rights

The obligation to respect human rights is integrated into Deutsche Telekom's fundamental policies.

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Responsibility worldwide

With companies in about 50 countries, Deutsche Telekom is one of the world's leading telecommunications providers.

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder management

We actively involve our stakeholders in our sustainability processes.

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Socially Responsible Investment

Companies that rely on sustainable business practices are more competitive in the long term.

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Sustainable Development Goals

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Corporate responsibility awards.

People in the queer community are regularly subject of hate, hate speech, and discrimination - including online.


Human dignity shall be inviolable

1 day



T-Systems: Measuring and managing sustainability

2 days



Content creation for social media at #Deutsche...

1 week

Cell phone case and #greenmagenta


#GreenMagenta: Deutsche Telekom labels A Good...

2 weeks

Populist conversation strategies: Identify and counter


What is populism and when does it become problematic?

2 weeks

Digital Crime, Episode 3 - Hate in Gaming


Hate in Gaming - When the Fun Ends

3 weeks

280668-Hass im Netz - nachdenkliche Emotionen


Behind bars for hate on the internet!?

4 weeks



Digital X 2021 dives into Cologne city life with top program

5 weeks

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The Magic Word is Moderation

6 weeks

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"With my job, I wake up in the morning"

9 weeks

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Radicalization in gaming - a real problem?

10 weeks

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Serious Games - learning with games

10 weeks

Shell and TSI sign agreement to advance digital innovation as both companies accelerate their transitions to net-zero emissions.


Shell and Deutsche Telekom agree to advance...

11 weeks

Christian Scherg, founder and CEO of Revolvermänner.


When a rumor becomes apparent truth

11 weeks

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Corporate Responsibility

Telekom Customer Center: Determine data privacy...

12 weeks

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