Assume responsibility

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Measure success

We measure our performance using Group-wide KPIs and basing our measurements on international standards.

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Supply chain management

We are partners to our suppliers when it comes to a more sustainable approach to doing business.

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Human rights

The obligation to respect human rights is integrated into Deutsche Telekom's fundamental policies.

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Responsibility worldwide

With companies in about 50 countries, Deutsche Telekom is one of the world's leading telecommunications providers.

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder management

We actively involve our stakeholders in our sustainability processes.

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Socially Responsible Investment

Companies that rely on sustainable business practices are more competitive in the long term.

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Sustainable Development Goals

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Corporate responsibility awards.

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Sustainability: Supermarkets go green

17 hours

Corporate Responsibility

Human Rights and Social Performance Report 2019

2 weeks

CDP climate A List Stamp 2019

Corporate Responsibility

A reward for our efforts

4 weeks

Social Media Post: Superficial? Super(hu)man? Martin Wezowski about AI and technical...

Superficial? Super(hu)man? Martin Wezowski about AI and...

AI: The future needs optimists


We can’t leave the field open for Hollywood

5 weeks

Teachtoday is an initiative for the promotion of safe and competent media use from Deutsche Telekom.

Corporate Responsibility

Children have rights

6 weeks

Love story digital: IoT and 5G connects devices, buildings, machines, vehicles, and goods.


The Internet of Things loves 5G

6 weeks

Climate Olympics

Corporate Responsibility

Become a climate hero

8 weeks

Clemens Brandstetter, founder of

Corporate Responsibility

“A better digital society is possible.”

9 weeks

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Breathe easier with Telekom

9 weeks

Soon past: smart garbage containers report when they need to be emptied.


Smarten up your Waste Management

11 weeks

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Solar Energy – preventing global warming by...

12 weeks

Image shows DT headquarters with solar panels and windmills.

Corporate Responsibility

Climate protection - what we do

12 weeks

Social Media Post: No Science Fiction: Add Humanity to Artificial Intelligence.

No Science Fiction: Add Humanity to Artificial Intelligence.

Real-life scenarios: science fiction is more than just fiction.


Real-life scenarios: science fiction is more than just fiction

12 weeks