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Stakeholder management

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We actively involve our stakeholders in our sustainability processes.

We feel it is very important to actively involve our stakeholders on our path to improved sustainability. That goes for our customers and employees as well as our partners from the worlds of politics, society, science and industry. Because engaging in dialog with them helps us recognize trends in their early stages. This dialog also strengthens existing alliances and creates new opportunities for partnerships.

We are convinced that the only way to reach our sustainability goals is by working together with our stakeholders. Their questions and comments are always welcome. We listen to their criticism and address their requests and comments so that we can structure our management processes accordingly. To support these efforts, we are also involved in a number of German and international associations and collaborations.

Stakeholder opinion poll

We offer our online survey to give our stakeholders the opportunity to give us their opinion and tell us how they perceive and feel about our sustainability performance. In addition to giving stakeholders a chance to rate the importance of topics and assess our performance, the survey also includes questions open to comment. This feedback helps us identify topics that are relevant to our sustainability management activities.

Sustainability report provides transparent information

Our annual sustainability report is an excellent example of transparent stakeholder communication. It provides detailed information on our activities, progress and results in areas that are relevant to society.

Click here to read the latest CR report: