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Corporate Responsibility

Reviewing employee relations at Hrvatski Telekom in Croatia

On-site review included visit at call center premises and bilateral talks with employees

As part of the regular monitoring process regarding the Employee Relations Policy (ER Policy), an on-site visit took place on April 21st and 22nd 2014 in Zagreb at Hrvatski Telekom (HT).

HT went through its biggest reorganization last year including headcount reduction, outsourcing employees to Ericsson and many changes on board level, this decreased the satisfaction of employees. However, HT still ranks best employer of choice for highly educated population in Croatia.

At the end of 2014 HT met all financial targets. HT’s CEO Davor Tomašković introduced new optimization projects this year which prioritize employee and customer satisfaction besides economic success. Employee communication at HT is generally ensured via different channels, for example via a CEO blog in the local intranet, town hall meetings and debrief sessions with managers after board meetings.

An important part of the on-site visit were bilateral talks with employees that also included agents from call centers. The discussions were very open. They showed a very positive, loyal staff that is enthusiastic to work for HT. Besides some minor critical remarks that are now discussed with local management, there was a lot of positive feedback i.e. about the training all employees receive.

HT operates call centers in 4 different locations with a workforce mixture of internal and external employees. A certain percentage of leased workforce is necessary to meet business flexibility. Satisfaction rates among call center agents are measured on a regular basis. Many regular HT employees started out as students working in a call center. Every single element of the ER Policy has been analyzed and can be confirmed as implemented. Since 2010 an anti-corruption policy is in place and no strong corruption case has occurred within the last ten years. Regarding gender equality and work life balance, HT is even a front runner.

Results of the next few employee surveys will be monitored closely and, in case needed, follow up measures with the local management will be agreed upon.


Responsible Employer

As a responsible employer, DT maintains cooperative and sustainable working relationships with employees.