Corporate Responsibility

European Works Council

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Intensive Collaboration between the European Works Council and Deutsche Telekom AG.

If organisational measures are planned, which are of transnational character, the European Works Council (“EWC”) is an important dialogue partner of Deutsche Telekom. The EWC was established in 2004 and represents the interests of the employees of the European affiliated companies.

The EU-Directive is the legal basis for the EWC together with the respective German Act on European Works Councils (“EBRG”). It determines the information and consultation rights of the EWC regarding organisational measures which are of transnational character.

In 2012 the third legislative period of the board, consisting of 32 members, commenced. In the board meetings measures, projects and other topics were presented, which have an impact for at least two European countries or which are of interest in an international context. Over the course of 2012, 13 different organisational measures or projects were presented to the EWC in five sessions. Main focus of these organisational measures was the use of synergetic effects of the Telekom Group, strengthening the international collaboration as well as simplifying processes, e.g. based on bundling of services and competences at single locations.

All this shows that the collaboration within the Group and beyond national border has increased gratifyingly. This is reflected in the number of EWC relevant topics. The social dialogue beyond national borders between central company management, operative segments and works council is being taken very seriously by Deutsche Telekom. Here, the EWC is a critical and constructive partner.