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Corporate Responsibility

Taking part in the digital world

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Deutsche Telekom Stiftung was established in 2003 with the aim of strengthening Germany's position as a leader in education, research and technology. With 150 million euros of capital, it ranks as one of the country's major corporate foundations.

The foundation is dedicated to improving education in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), as well as in digital teaching and learning. The foundation's activities are focused on four key areas: Education Drivers, Education Opportunities, Education Innovations and Education Dialog.

Mission statement as a guiding beacon

In its mission statement Deutsche Telekom Stiftung states the following: "The prerequisite for leading a self-determined life, having a career and taking part in civil society is understanding social and professional change processes and actively helping to shape them. In future our world will be more globalized and culturally more diverse, with digitization as well as science and technology playing a greater role. The reflective use of digital media and sound skills in the STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics are becoming ever more significant."

Preparing children and youngsters for success

In the field of Education Drivers the foundation supports people who get others interested in STEM subjects and in digital teaching and learning. With Education Opportunities the foundation runs projects to prepare children and youngsters for success in STEM subjects and to participate in the digital world. Education Innovations is where the foundation focuses on helping specialist staff and teachers enhance both their STEM and digital teaching skills. And with Education Dialog the foundation pools together the activities and projects it works on together with policymakers and civil society to make education better.

Predominantly operational

Renowned experts from the fields of educational practice and science are involved from the start to ensure the foundation's projects are as effective as possible. The foundation's activities are strictly not for profit and are predominantly operational in nature. This means projects are developed by the foundation itself and implemented either alone or with partners.

Greatest possible transparency

In all its work Deutsche Telekom Stiftung aims for the greatest possible degree of transparency and is guided by the declaration of commitment of the German transparency organization Initiative Transparente Gesellschaft, the Guiding Principles of Good Practice for Foundations, and the recommendations for non-profit corporate foundations of the Association of German Foundations.