Young woman with technology

Corporate Responsibility

Knowing what counts in future

The Deutsche Telekom Stiftung foundation was established in 2003 with the aim of strengthening Germany's position as a leader in education, research and technology. With an endowment of 150 million euros, it ranks as one of the country's major corporate foundations. 

Deutsche Telekom Stiftung develops and implements projects in the fields of mathematics, the natural sciences, engineering and technology.


Deutsche Telekom Stiftung’s work is rooted in its goal of creating an ideal educational ecosystem for young people to prepare them to tackle global challenges such as digitalization, climate change, mobility transformation, and biodiversity. It believes that schools should be the primary site for learning – but not the only one. Libraries, youth centers, makerspaces, and media workshops are also important. Deutsche Telekom Stiftung initiates and encourages partnerships with these institutions in its projects

More responsibility

Deutsche Telekom Stiftung helps children and adolescents aged 10 to 16 and adults that work with young people in this target age group. It supports projects that teach the STEM subjects as well as transferable skills such as critical thinking, independent judgment, and creativity. The aim is to help children and adolescents to take on more responsibility – e.g., for their own education, their own life, and for their contribution to society.

Greatest possible transparency

Deutsche Telekom Stiftung makes every effort to ensure the greatest possible transparency in its work. It adheres to the principles embodied in the Transparent Civil Society Initiative commitment, generally accepted good foundation practices, and the Association of German Foundations’ recommendations for non-profit corporate foundations.