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Corporate Responsibility

We support the social commitment of our employees.

Many of our employees are involved in voluntary work. Among other things, they support kindergartens or schools, carry out campaigns to increase media literacy or are committed to the environment. With our corporate volunteering offerings, we support the social commitment of our employees by allowing them to contribute their time or expertise to charitable projects or social causes that go beyond the company's regular activities.

Supporting employee commitment and voluntary work

Our corporate volunteering offerings focus on the key areas of our CR strategy, including the promotion of digital inclusion, democratic values such as diversity and equal opportunities, climate neutrality and the circular economy. 

To promote these topics, many of our employees get involved and organize themselves in employee resource groups and corporate communities, for example. We also offer our employees the opportunity to take part in Social Days, where they can get active for society and support charitable organizations together as a team. For example, our employees also have the opportunity to volunteer at Special Olympics events and or at the “A Heart for Children” fundraising gala every year. If they also carry out voluntary work in a charitable organization based in Germany, they can apply for financial support for this once a year. Civil servants have the opportunity to retire earlier if they are socially involved for the first three years of their retirement.  With their voluntary work for society, our employees are ambassadors for our values. Through their commitment, they make an important contribution to strengthening social cohesion, broaden their own perspectives and further develop their skills. This in turn has a positive effect on team cohesion within the company and identification with it.