Ein Erdball mit einem Schmetterling

Corporate Responsibility

Deutsche Telekom's We Care magazine gets to the core of it. The magazine provides multifaceted and interactive content to give you valuable information on some of the important social and environmental challenges we face. Deutsche Telekom is taking on its social responsibility, and our magazine invites you to get involved.

Our online magazine offers credible answers to such questions as "Why we need to re-discover sharing," "How we can explore the Internet without fear, despite cybercrime," "How the net can help to protect from climate change," or "Why it makes sense to network bee hives together." Short, easy-read texts and illustrations, interviews and background reports make it easy to get into the topics discussed. Quizzes, interviews, animations and graphics provide the necessary color. 

New issues of the magazine will come out at regular intervals in both German and English. In the “One for all” issue, for example, we show the contributions that the digitalization process can make to achieving the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations in its Agenda 2030. The issue titled “How the Internet of Things will change our lives. Profoundly.” tells readers about the new developments for healthier, more stress-free, and more sustainable living being made possible by the 5G network. “Bye-bye, plastic” informs how plastic is threating our health and our planet and what we should do about it and “My vote counts” tells the story of an assassination that gave birth to democracy, as well as explaining why Grandpa always reads two newspapers. Find out more at  We Care Website