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Mandate extended: Data Privacy Advisory Board set to continue its work

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Since early 2009, the Data Privacy Advisory Board has been providing Telekom with practical recommendations. The external experts on the Board are continuing their work: Telekom's Board of Management has extended the committee's mandate for two further years.

148 recommendations over 28 meetings - the overall contribution made by the Data Privacy Advisory Board over about six years of work is clear to see. For example, the experts take a look at new business fields in the area of networked healthcare solutions and examine how the necessary data is saved and processed by Telekom. "We drill down deeply into Telekom's business models, products and processes in order to provide advice to the company on data protection," says Lothar Schröder, Chairman of the committee and Deputy Chairman of Deutsche Telekom's Supervisory Board.

This work is to be continued: Deutsche Telekom's Board of Management has extended the committee's mandate for another two years. "At a time when the networking of machinery and production processes and the analysis of big data are generating new business models, we depend on the advice of external experts," explained Thomas Kremer, Board member for Data Privacy, Legal Affairs and Compliance at Telekom.

A further top-class expert will be joining the 12-member committee: Peter Schaar, former Federal Commissioner for Data Protection, will join the Board. Experts from the world's of politics, education and industry, as well as non-government organizations such as the Chaos Computer Club are also on board. Lothar Schröder: "Telekom is the company in the industry that enjoys the highest level of customer confidence. We intend to make our contribution to increasing our competitive edge even further."