Corporate Responsibility

Provision of information to security authorities

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Under specific circumstances, Deutsche Telekom is legally obligated to provide information to the security authorities and to enable interception measures. In order to make this area of activities more transparent, Deutsche Telekom is now publishing the figures annually.

Deutsche Telekom closely observes telecommunications secrecy and data privacy regulations, which are basic rights accorded to German citizens. Wherever the authorities encroach upon these rights with requests for interception activities and data, Deutsche Telekom makes sure that they are processed strictly in accordance with the law. In particular, this ensures that Deutsche Telekom only takes action when the necessary legal preconditions are met. Support with interception activities is provided in strict compliance with the principle of double-checking, i.e., always with two employees involved, each of whom monitors the other. The application of this principle helps to prevent errors from occurring. Each individual process step is documented in detail and subject to regular inspections by the Security Officer and the Federal Network Agency. Additional checks are performed by Deutsche Telekom's Data Privacy Officer and its Internal Audit unit.

The overview below is for 2013. It shows how many times Deutsche Telekom was instructed by the authorities and actually performed line interception activities, as well as the number of data records, subscriber master data records, and IP addresses requested:

Type of measure


Lines intercepted


Data traffic records


Subscriber master data


IP address owner data



Deutsche Telekom does not respond to inquiries from authorities outside of Germany. Any inquiries of this nature must be submitted to Deutsche Telekom via the relevant German authority.