Corporate Responsibility

Telekom ensures transparency

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In time for the European Data Protection Day, Telekom is publishing its latest Data Privacy and Data Security Report. In an increasingly networked society, the company is continuing its culture of transparency and taking a position on current developments.

"Two trends determine our digital society: We are using the Internet more and more to share films, photos and messages both at home and on the move. At the same time, the threat from the network is growing: There are around 100,000 new variants of viruses, trojans and worms each day," as Thomas Kremer, Board of Management member responsible for Data Privacy, Legal Affairs and Compliance at Telekom, explains. "We need greater awareness of the risks from the Internet in order to better use the opportunities that go along with increased networking."

Telekom is assuming its responsibility for more transparency—and this also includes the Data Privacy and Data Security Report. What is Telekom doing to safeguard its customers' data? How is the company equipping itself to combat the ever growing number of cyber attacks? The report answers these and other questions.

With an enhanced format, it aims to help readers better understand the complex topics. The text alternates between short reports, interviews, background reports and commentaries. We hear not only from the Telekom specialists, but also from external experts such as the head of the Munich Security Conference, Wolfgang Ischinger, and Peter Franck from the Chaos Computer Club.

As Thomas Kremer says: "A survey by German opinion pollster Allensbach shows that people consider us to be the most trustworthy company in the industry. We take that as a motivation and will not let up on our efforts!"