Christian Fischer

Corporate Communications: Data privacy and security, innovation, technology

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Rainer Knirsch

Rainer Knirsch

Corporate Communications: Health, Corona warn app, public authority, security, drones, company networks

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Husam Azrak

Corporate Communications: contact for TV/radio editorial departments, cyber security, legal affairs, data privacy, compliance

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Internal security in the Deutsche Telekom

Clear responsibility at Management Board level and an integral part of the internal control system as well as relevant supervisory bodies.


Security Management at Deutsche Telekom

“Security builds trust”: Steering of internal security at Deutsche Telekom – holistically, convergent, integrated, risk-oriented & cooperative.

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Privacy guidebook

Digitally secure

Remondis and Deutsche Telekom support municipalities in identifying defects in the road environment.


Improving cities in passing

3 weeks

First prize for the people counter


Smart solution wins first prize for safe shopping!

4 weeks



Telekom and Kinexon with new technology to combat Covid-19

5 weeks

The People counter helps customers to follow applicable rules.


Green light for safe distancing in stores and...

5 weeks

Scamming Mails



Scamming Mails

“Congratulations! You’ve won 5 million dollars in lottery.” Sounds familiar? That’s not a surprise. We all have received a classic scamming mail, which actually causes hundreds of million dollars in damage per year. But who is behind those attacks and what happens, when you hit the reply button?

In this episode, we get to look “behind the scenes” with IT-forensics and cyber security expert Alexander Schinner, as he describes in a thrilling story how he exposes the criminals behind the tempting but...

6 weeks

The Open Telekom Cloud opens up for professional secrecy holders


The Open Telekom Cloud opens up for professional...

7 weeks



Telekom offers protective shield for connected machines

8 weeks

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Corporate Responsibility

Thwarting hackers' prey

9 weeks

Test seal from AV-Test


Test result “secure”: Telekom protects the smart home

10 weeks

Finding the unexpected



Finding the unexpected

Alexander Schinner works as an IT forensics expert. He and his team manage the Incident Response Service at Telekom Security, where one of their tasks is to identify and analyze malicious software.
In this episode, we explore a case where a confiscated device revealed more than malware - images of naked children. Together with Alexander Schinner, we explore the background of the story and discuss what IT forensics experts are required to do in such extreme cases.
Still curious? For more stories and...

10 weeks

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