Christian Fischer

Corporate Communications: Data privacy and security, innovation, technology

+49 228 181 49494

Rainer Knirsch

Rainer Knirsch

Corporate Communications: Health, Corona warn app, public authority, security, drones, company networks

+49 228 181 49494



Husam Azrak

Corporate Communications: contact for TV/radio editorial departments, cyber security, legal affairs, data privacy, compliance

+49 228 181 49494


Internal security in the Deutsche Telekom

Clear responsibility at Management Board level and an integral part of the internal control system as well as relevant supervisory bodies.


Security Management at Deutsche Telekom

“Security builds trust”: Steering of internal security at Deutsche Telekom – holistically, convergent, integrated, risk-oriented & cooperative.

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Privacy guidebook

Digitally secure

The Open Telekom Cloud opens up for professional secrecy holders


The Open Telekom Cloud opens up for professional...

5 days



Telekom offers protective shield for connected machines

1 week

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Corporate Responsibility

Thwarting hackers' prey

2 weeks

Test seal from AV-Test


Test result “secure”: Telekom protects the smart home

3 weeks

Finding the unexpected



Finding the unexpected

Alexander Schinner works as an IT forensics expert. He and his team manage the Incident Response Service at Telekom Security, where one of their tasks is to identify and analyze malicious software.
In this episode, we explore a case where a confiscated device revealed more than malware - images of naked children. Together with Alexander Schinner, we explore the background of the story and discuss what IT forensics experts are required to do in such extreme cases.
Still curious? For more stories and...

4 weeks

Student sitting with laptop on the sofa


Women’s STEM Award 2021 – best STEM thesis will be honored!

4 weeks

Picture shows children play


Added security for places where children play and...

4 weeks

Insights into TA505’s ransomware operations.


Inside of CL0P’s ransomware operation

6 weeks

Smart Metering benefits the environment.


Mother Earth needs help: Smart meters for the climate

10 weeks





Ever heard of “Operation Olympic Games” in terms of a cyber attack? Behind this rather friendly name lurks one of the most complex, dangerous and targeted piece of malware ever discovered, causing noticeable harm in real life: Stuxnet.
Because not only criminals hack themselves into computers – also nation states attack each other via software: The worm strategically sabotaged the centrifuges of the Iranian uranium enrichment facility and is the reason why nations today are challenged to not only...

11 weeks

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