Corporate Responsibility

How Deutsche Telekom is committed to scientific research

An active analysis of research into mobile communications and health is a central activity in our efforts to further develop mobile communications technology.

One of the reasons for continuing research activities is that the principles of scientific research require that current findings be continually reviewed in the light of new developments. For example, further research could be meaningful as the result of further developments in mobile communications technology or study methods, or because new findings have produced new research issues.

Deutsche Telekom's commitment to scientific research encompasses two areas: Firstly, our experts aim to hold regular discussions on the current state of research with scientific institutions and researchers. Secondly, Deutsche Telekom provides funding for research projects aimed at answering scientific questions on the topic of mobile communications and health.

In all our research and scientific activities, we follow our guiding principles: Funding targeted research, scientific excellence, transparency, objectivity and comprehensibility.
Guidelines for DT's EMF Research-Support