Corporate Responsibility

How local government is involved

Deutsche Telekom seeks a dialog with interested residents, and includes local government in its plans for expansion of mobile communications networks.

Deutsche Telekom knows that public trust in the safety of mobile communications is vital capital. When building its mobile communications networks, Deutsche Telekom therefore relies on close cooperation and a constructive dialog with all parties involved. For example, we inform local government of our build-out plans at an early stage and include them in considerations for new locations. We actively seek an exchange with our critics. For us, fairness in the face of critical arguments and readiness to subject our own position to renewed review are vital in order to succeed in achieving compromises when standpoints differ.

Examples of dialog and involvement are the "Voluntary commitment" and the "Agreement with local authorities associations"- both of which have been implemented in Germany.

Voluntary commitment:
Together with the other network operators, Deutsche Telekom submitted a voluntary commitment to the Federal Government in December 2001 ("Measures to improve safety and protect consumers, the environment and health, information and trust-building measures in the build-out of mobile communications networks").

Compliance with this commitment is reviewed every two years within the framework of an appraisal compiled by a neutral body. The objective of the agreement is to improve consumer protection and health safety when expanding mobile networks in Germany.

Association agreement: In July 2001, the local authorities' associations - the German Association of Cities, the German County Association and the German Association of Towns and Municipalities - signed an agreement with mobile network operators giving communities a say in mobile network expansion. This association agreement guarantees effective communication between communities and network operators and makes it possible for communities to be directly involved in network expansion.