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Green Future Best Practice Awards

Technological innovation is one key element to solve the climate crisis. With the Green Future Best Practice Awards, Deutsche Telekom recognizes and promotes best practices from partner companies that are exemplary in leading the way to a climate-friendly, circular industry and support critical areas for reaching Deutsche Telekom’s strategic environmental targets. The awarding ceremony is part of the yearly Campus Fair in Bonn. An event to showcase and discuss trends and developments in the realm of ICT technology and innovation. 

Deutsche Telekom has invited promising partner companies to apply for the 2024 Green Future Best Practice Awards. Applications were evaluated carefully by an internal jury, consisting of DTAG Executives. On June 4th, the winners of 2024 received their awards.  

Claudia Nemat presenting the Green Future Best Practice Award

“Accelerating our sustainability efforts is about actions, not words. It's crucial to encourage and acknowledge partners who actively join us in this journey. Through our Green Future Best Practice Awards, we celebrate partners who demonstrate outstanding dedication to advancing climate objectives of Deutsche Telekom."

Claudia Nemat, Board Member for Technology and Innovation at Deutsche Telekom.

By designing technology with a green perspective right from the start, emissions from production, use-phase and end-of-life-management for products and solutions can be mitigated. These are important levers in reducing the so-called Scope-3 emissions of Deutsche Telekom. The company has committed to reduce overall emissions (Scope 1,2 &3) by 55% until 2030 and reach net-zero emissions in 2040. While Deutsche Telekom has already made significant progress in reducing the Scope-1 and Scope-2 emissions from its direct operations, Scope-3 emissions from the value chain remain a challenge only to be solved in cooperation with suppliers and partners. 

Arash Ashouriha, Senior Vice President Group Technology: "To contain the acute climate crisis, we need to rethink technology. Our award winners demonstrate how technological and ecological progress can be coupled!"

Winners of the Green Future Best Practice Awards 2024

Green Future Best Practice Awards represents one of Deutsche Telekom's multiple parallel approaches aimed at reducing its Scope-3 emissions. Sustainability criteria are also part of Deutsche Telekom purchasing processes. By favouring products with a greener footprint, positive impacts of new technologies like resource conservation or efficiency gains are also heightened. Honouring innovative products and solutions in this realm stimulates the research and development and can help accelerate the journey towards a net-zero, circular economy. 

Jury 2024

Arash Ashouriha

Senior Vice President Group Technology / Deutsche Telekom AG

Melanie Kubin-Hardewig

Vice President Group Corporate Responsibility / Deutsche Telekom AG

Ana Miola

SusTain Program Lead / T-Systems

Leif Heitzer

Senior Vice President Center for Technology Competence / Deutsche Telekom AG

Rainer Hoff

Senior Vice President Group Supply Services / Deutsche Telekom AG

Beatrice Felder

CEO / BuyIn

Armin Sumesgutner

Senior Vice President Technology Delivery International / Deutsche Telekom AG

Bernd Schulte-Sprenger


Symbolic image: four hands with a green, grassy ball in the middle.

Net zero as a team sport

Suppliers are important partners on the road to climate neutrality. At Deutsche Telekom, ecological criteria for purchasing projects must be taken into account in the decision.