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Deutsche Telekom takes first place in oekom industry ranking for its ecological and social performance. In particular, the Group scored top marks in energy conservation and data privacy.

Climate protection, a focus on the customer, avoidance of electronic waste and a sustainable supply chain: These aspects helped Deutsche Telekom win first place in this year's "oekom Industry Report Telecommunications."

An interesting industry oekom GmbH analyzed the sustainability performance, development over time and country-specific risks of 108 companies in the telecommunications sector. According to oekom, the telecommunications sector is "a particularly interesting industry from a sustainability perspective."

Taking responsibility Sustainability management at Deutsche Telekom successfully covers a variety of ecological and social topics. The company supplies products that help reduce greenhouse gases and strives to reduce energy consumption. But its efforts don’t stop there. It received particular recognition for the fact that it helps educate consumers about data privacy and the risks posed by media. Deutsche Telekom also takes on a great deal of responsibility for social and ecological conditions in its supply chain. By taking back used communications devices, for example, it helps to avoid electronic scrap.

For the jury, these were good reasons to relegate British Telecommunications, the previous year's winner, to second place. Deutsche Telekom subsidiary Magyar Telekom achieved an excellent third place in the current rankings.

Leading ratings agency The "oekom Industry Report" is published every three years and is based on a scientifically developed catalog of criteria. oekom GmbH is one of the world's leading agencies for sustainable investments. With its ratings, the company has scrutinized sustainability and the long-term success potential of companies based on their social and ecological performance. Its "evaluations provide companies with a critical yardstick, while at the same time acting as a stimulus for integrating environmental and social concerns into company management," as the company explains on its website.