Corporate Responsibility

What affects society, affects us

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Following the publication of the 2018 annual report at the press conference on Deutsche Telekom's financial statements, it is now the turn of the 2018 CR Report and the 2018 HR Factbook to be presented at the shareholders' meeting. The three documents provide an all-round view of Deutsche Telekom’s business operations. The HR Factbook contains extensive KPIs and information on Deutsche Telekom’s workforce. Our CR Report focuses on the current social debate on environmental and climate protection.

HR Factbook 2018

HR Factbook 2018.

HR Factbook

The HR Factbook on the 2018 financial year follows a tried-and-trusted format and provides KPIs and information on all aspects of the Deutsche Telekom workforce. As always, Deutsche Telekom’s success is driven by the employees, and the figures reflect the diversity of the workforce, organizational culture, and productivity. Also illustrated are the abilities and the performance potential of the Deutsche Telekom workforce as well as the Company’s commitment to leadership, health, and safety. This comprehensive picture is rounded out by an overview of HR costs, together with statistics on recruitment and attrition.

As in previous years, the statistics reflect the growing commitment to working with refugees. People remain the most important factor in terms of the Company’s success, and the engine of digitalization relies on a powerful workforce. People remain the most important factor in terms of the Company’s success, and the engine of digitalization relies on a powerful workforce.

Corporate Responsibility report

Increasing digitalization is also an important topic addressed in the 2018 Corporate Responsibility (CR) Report. In light of the plastic islands in our oceans and growing mountains of waste, the report’s homepage addresses resource conservation: IT entrepreneur Günther Bonin presents his maritime waste disposal mission. Dr. Maja Göpel, Secretary General of the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU), calls government and business to account. And we are also clearly stating Deutsche Telekom’s position and commitment to this important topic. We will add further exciting topics during the course of the year. The CR Report homepage also provides continuous information on the most important current activities and developments.

CR report 2018

A plastic lid of a single-use coffee cup that has been carelessly thrown away lies dirty on the ground.

DT initiatives for environmental protection and media use 

The comprehensive report also provides extensive information on how we contribute towards sustainable development. One example of our Corporate Responsibility activities in 2018 is the “Stop Wasting – Start Caring!” initiative, which we initiated to create a new platform for our longstanding Group-wide commitment to resource efficiency. The objective is to use and recycle resources as efficiently as possible in line with the concept of a circular economy. All employees are called upon to join in the initiative.

A further example is the “1001 Truths” initiative launched in 2018, with the aim of encouraging people to adopt a carefully considered approach, engage in discussion, and use digital media responsibly. Topical issues relating to the digital world are presented on the platform in easy-to-understand modules that range from “online opinion forming”, to “digital estate”, and “data privacy and security.” The content is suitable for self-study, but is also aimed at coaches working with learning groups.

Climate protection activities

Of course, we also report on our climate protection activities. Despite network build-out and the resulting increase in energy consumption, we are standing by our target of a 20 percent reduction in our own CO2 emissions by 2020 (compared to 2008). In addition to efficiency measures, we are also relying on the use of electricity from renewable sources (currently: 52 percent).

Awarded report

Incidentally, our CR Report is one of the best sustainability reports in Germany. In 2019, along with Rewe and BMW, we were honored by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in Berlin for our transparency on the topic of sustainability.

Please give us your feedback

We want to speak with you. Feel free to provide feedback and ask questions in the report. Deutsche Telekom experts are available to respond to your questions and comments. The CR Report is available at

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Corporate Responsibility

Information about the ecological and social commitment of Deutsche Telekom.