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Deutsche Telekom Leader in Climate Protection

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Deutsche Telekom qualified for the CDP (former Carbon Disclosure Project) Global A-List of international leading companies in the field of climate change for the first time.

Deutsche Telekom at the annual CDP DACH Climate Leadership Award Conference Ceremony

The award was received at the annual CDP DACH Climate Leadership Award Conference Ceremony on October 25th 2016 in Munich. From left to right: Steven Tebbe, Managing Director, CDP Europe, Susan Dreyer, Director DACH Region, CDP Europe, Michael Oley, Deutsche Telekom Services Europe GmbH, Udo Harbers, Deutsche Telekom, Sven Hannawald, former ski jumping world champion.

After Deutsche Telecom missed closely missed the jump into the CDP A-List last year, Deutsche Telekom was thrilled that it successfully qualified for the global A-List of Climate Leaders this year: For the first time Deutsche Telekom managed to be under the awarded best 9% of companies in the global Climate Protection Olympiad.

This award is the result of continuous improvement with respect to climate change in the last years. The most important milestones have been:

  • 2010: National Carbon reduction target: 30% reduction of carbon emissions till 2020 (against 2008) for Germany decided by the Board of Management.
  • 2012: First complete calculation of carbon emissions over the whole supply chain for Germany.
  • 2013: International Carbon reduction target: 20% reduction of carbon emissions till 2020 (against 2008) for Group Deutsche Telekom (except T-Mobile US) decided by the Board of Management.
  • 2014: Kick off of the project „Sustainable Products Portfolio Deutsche Telekom“ as well as the development of new integrated climate strategy based on the four pillars: management of emissions, renewable energies, energy efficiency and climate friendly products and solutions.
  • 2015: For the first time full transparency over all the emissions in the value chains of Deutsche Telekom for Germany and the nine most important European subsidiaries. The corporate footprint has been calculated and was published in the annual CR Report.

Especially by the consequent marketing and development of climate friendly products and solutions Deutsche Telekom can make a substantial contribution for the successful implementation of the COP21 Paris Climate Agreement and help to limit the increase of global temperatures below 2°C till the end of this century. Whether via…

  • Broadband networks for fostering mobile working from home,
  • Apps for the support of energy efficient driving,
  • Solutions for the optimized steering of heating and lights in buildings,
  • The virtualization of the IT infrastructure by big, modern and efficient data centers
  • Solutions for increasing harvests in agriculture also saving fertilizers and water or the
  • Simple replacement of (business)travel by web- and video conferences.

The technologies of Deutsche Telekom are key to limit global 2030 emissions on today’s level. According to the Study „SMARTer 2030" supported by Deutsche Telekom there is a carbon reduction potential of 12 billion tons of carbon emissions by 2030. This is 13 times the current carbon emissions for Germany as a whole or 20% of the forecasted global emissions. At the same time this solutions also ensure the economic future of Deutsche Telekom. The revenue potential for this ICT-solutions could reach nearly 2 trillion € by 2030. For comparison: annual revenue of Deutsche Telekom in 2015 was just 69 billion €.

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