Corporate Responsibility

Katja Werz


Deutsche Telekom stays true to the Blue Angel label

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The 401 and 601 Sat media receivers from Deutsche Telekom have been awarded Germany’s best-known ecolabel, making it the company’s third complete product range to be certified. 

Handover of the Blue Angel certificates

Handover of the Blue Angel certificates, from left to right: Michael Hagspihl, Telekom Deutschland, Dr. Bettina Rechenberg, German Environment Agency, Stephan Fath, Deutsche Telekom Technik and Dr. Ulf Jaeckel Federal Ministry of the Environment.

The 2018 Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) trade show in Berlin is the perfect setting for handing over the certificates awarded to Deutsche Telekom’s 401 and 601 Sat media receivers. The move means the entire product range of Deutsche Telekom media receivers can now carry the Blue Angel ecolabel. Deutsche Telekom attaches great importance to this well-established German ecolabel when it comes to implementing its sustainability strategy.

“We take corporate responsibility very seriously,” said Michael Hagspihl, Head of Consumers at Telekom Deutschland. “That is why we are focused on making environmental factors and sustainability an integral part of our product portfolio for the long term. The certified devices are defined notably by their energy efficiency and durability, as they can be re-used and eventually recycled.” The Blue Angel’s accreditation criteria offer customers a great deal of transparency  and its brand familiarity rating of more than 90 percent makes it Germany’s best-known ecolabel.

“It is important that we take a good look at what we buy because every individual’s consumption has an impact on the environment,” says Dr. Bettina Rechenberg, head of the Sustainable Production and Products, Waste Management Division at the German Environment Agency. “If we watch out for eco-friendly and energy-saving products when we make a purchase, every one of us can achieve a great deal. Besides helping save the environment, resources and the climate, energy-efficient devices that are low in harmful substances also take less of a toll on the household budget in the long run. I am therefore delighted that dedicated companies such as Deutsche Telekom are making headway with their innovative products and labeling them with the Blue Angel.” 

Deutsche Telekom is the first major telecommunications company in Germany to use the Blue Angel label on its products. The media receivers are the third product range to be awarded the Blue Angel certification after fixed-network telephones from the Sinus and Speedphone ranges. “This makes us a pioneer in the ICT sector,” adds Hagspihl. “We are eager to pursue this further and certify more devices. We are presently examining which other products and services could meet the Blue Angel criteria.” 

You can find further information about the media receivers and all fixed-network telephones that have been awarded the Blue Angel label here.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the federal government’s Blue Angel ecolabel. Independent and trustworthy, it sets particularly high standards for eco-friendly products and services, helping customers make sustainable purchases. Some 12,000 products from 1,500 businesses have been certified with Germany’s best-known ecolabel to date.

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Corporate Responsibility

Information about the ecological and social commitment of Deutsche Telekom.