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DT listed in Dow Jones Sustainability Index for sixth time in a row

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Deutsche Telekom once again qualified for the most prestigious sustainability indices, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Europe (DJSI).


Only the best in every industry are included in the indices and thus recommended to sustainability-oriented investors and fund managers as top investments. The basis for inclusion in the indices is a very good overall rating in the S&P SAM company rating.

Deutsche Telekom ranks well in the assessment of sustainability performance in the overall telecommunications sector, mobile communications and fixed-network, with 87 out of 100 points and is thus listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI World, DJSI Europe). In the three core dimensions Economic, Environmental and Social, Deutsche Telekom again achieved very good scores. 

The SAM questionnaire has again become significantly more demanding this year: New topics, greater depth of detail, greater influence of controversies and a growing focus on quantitative targets and performance. High priority is given to transparency in public reporting, performance in peer comparison and the Group-wide validity and implementation of strategies and processes.

In view of the demanding evaluation criteria, eight of the 78 participants evaluated in the Telecommunication Services sector this year are listed in the DJSI World - only five are even listed in the DJSI Europe.

Ranked among the top ten

Deutsche Telekom's efforts have particularly paid off in the areas of "Materiality", "Environmental Reporting", "Social Reporting", "Labor Practice Indicators", "Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy" and "Occupational Health & Safety", where the Group received the best possible rating of 100 points and achieved "Best in Class" status. 

Further very good scores were achieved in the areas of “Environmental Policy & Management Systems”, „Human Rights“, „Operational Eco-Efficiency“, „Climate Strategy”,  „Human Capital Development”, “Privacy Protection”, “Stakeholder Engagement”, “Codes of Business Conduct”, Information & Cybersecurity” and “Customer Relationship Management”. 

In addition to the DJSI, the T-Share is proud to be listed in other important sustainability indices and ranked among the top ten in many of these ESG (Environment – Social - Governance) ratings. More details here.

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