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Deutsche Telekom wins multiple awards for its sustainability reporting

German Award for Online Communication – first place. ARC Awards – silver and bronze. ESG Reporting Awards – first place.

Deutsche Telekom has been regularly reporting on its business, environmental and social performance for over 20 years. The annual Corporate Responsibility Report (CR Report) meets the requirements of diverse stakeholder groups when it comes to transparent reporting. The company’s 2020 report isn’t just aimed at sustainability experts. It also contains fascinating sustainability stories that will appeal to the general public, too. The success of this concept is demonstrated by a number of accolades:

Deutsche Telekom wins multiple awards for its sustainability reporting.

Deutsche Telekom wins multiple awards for its sustainability reporting.

German Award for Online Communication 

The CR Report won first place in the “CSR & Annual Report” category in 2021. This award is presented annually by Quadriga Media. The high-caliber panel of judges evaluates submissions based on their innovation, strategic approach, implementation, and efficiency. Aspects where the CR Report scored highly included its fascinating sustainability stories and transparent accountability reporting.  

ARC Awards 

The report’s concept also won not one but two prizes in the international ARC Awards 2021 for business reporting – silver in the “Cover/Homepage: CSR Report” category and bronze in the “Interactive Annual Report: CSR Report” category. No further awards were presented in either of these two categories. The evaluation is carried out by independent experts, with creativity, innovation and clear, effective communication carrying particular weight. The reports submitted need to score a minimum number of points to qualify for an award. If none of the entries achieves a high enough score, no award is presented. 

ESG Reporting Awards

The ESG Reporting Awards 2021 provide further proof that experts are impressed by Deutsche Telekom’s CR Report. The company came out top in the “Best Sustainability Reporting: Technology & Telecoms” category. The ESG Reporting Awards rate listed companies for their sustainability and climate reporting. Besides the overall reporting strategy, the judges also evaluated commitment and communication vis-à-vis investors and stakeholders in the area of sustainability and climate policy.

PR Report Awards

The PR Report Awards again honoured exceptional communications campaigns in 2021. In the "Sustainability and CSR" category, our CR Report was on the shortlist with four communications campaigns - and succeeded. The jury's opinion: "Deutsche Telekom's CR Report exhausts the possibilities in terms of content, multimedia and technology. This makes browsing a varied and entertaining experience - even for non-experts. The company meets the requirements of its stakeholders for transparent reporting and inspires a broad public for sustainability issues."  Among other things, the jury was taken with the gamification approach.

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CR-Report 2020

Corporate Responsibility report of Deutsche Telekom.