Corporate Responsibility

How well equipped are we?

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In times of crisis, we notice what is really important: contact with friends and family, obtaining vital items needed to survive, and a job that secures our income. For many of us, the internet was a place where our daily routine could somehow continue during the current coronavirus pandemic. It would have been a completely different matter 50 years ago. 

Hans Martin Adler, programmer from the very start.

Hans Martin Adler, programmer from the very start, reminisces about the early beginnings of digitalization and the time before the internet.

Whether a natural disaster or a viral pandemic, unusual circumstances are normally sudden and unexpected. You can learn more about the extent to which digitalization has changed our lives over the last 50 years and how it supports us nowadays in times of crisis in our current topical special “digitalization in times of crisis”. 

Kind hält junge Pflanze in seinen Händen

Corporate Responsibility

Information about the ecological and social commitment of Deutsche Telekom.