Corporate Responsibility

Socially responsible company

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T-Systems Czech Republic wins the national award for social responsibility. They can now call themselves "Social responsible company". Representatives of the government dignified the social and sustainable strategy of the company.

"The award represents a great success for us as it appreciates our systematic activities in the CSR area. Correctness and responsibility of a bidding company is moreover increasingly taken in account in selection procedures except the price question," emphasizes Mr. Michal Hatle, CEO of T-Systems Czech Republic. The title "Socially responsible company" was awarded to the T-Systems Czech Republic within the Czech national award for corporate social responsibility programme for its exemplary relations with the society and for its devotion to the principles of the sustainable development. Only most successful companies can participate in the Czech national award and the prominence of the patronage shows its importance for the whole country. "The national award winner has all necessary prerequisites to acquire the audit certificate according to the GRI standard, which actually represents the worldwide prestigious appraisal of the corporate social responsibility concept.", explains Mrs. Alena Praskova, CSR expert group chairwoman of the Quality Council. Examples for social responsibility in the product portfolio of T-Systems Czech Republic are energy saving ICT (information and communications technology) solutions and so-called "Green ICT" products.