EntertainTV revives the joy of watching TV

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EntertainTV empowers viewers, letting them decide when and what they want to see on their various TV screens. Convenience, an intelligent search function and the best picture quality make for a perfect entertainment experience.

What's more, EntertainTV is not limited to the living room – it can be enjoyed on the go with smartphones and tablets.

EntertainTV is flexible
EntertainTV is a trusted companion in the world of digital entertainment. The Saturday movie, scheduled for prime time, will be watched by EntertainTV customers whenever they have time – perhaps 30 minutes later, or on the following Sunday afternoon. EntertainTV lets viewers arrange their TV schedule according to their own individual needs. Viewers can watch movies and TV series whenever they want. And, while watching a favorite program, they can also record another broadcast in the background at the same time.

The new freedom of "Restart"
The new "Restart" function enhances viewer freedom: With the new "Restart" function, viewers can watch programs that are already in progress – right from the start, at any time. Viewers will never again miss the beginning of a thriller or interesting documentary if they tune in a little late. Thanks to the new "7 Day Replay" function, they can also go back through the program guide by up to a week in order to select and watch programs they have missed. These new functions enrich the proven "Time shift" feature, which stops programs at any time and lets viewers watch them later.

Intelligent search function
Thanks to the intuitive user interface, the current Top 3 list of the most popular EntertainTV programs, and the intelligent search function, EntertainTV displays content where viewers will find it quickly and easily. The intelligent search function provides easy access to all media libraries, on-demand broadcasts and live TV. Viewers can find their programs faster than ever before.

Easy program recording
Those wanting to save their favorite program on a hard disk can easily do so with the new MR 400 media receiver. The new receiver is equipped with a 500 GB hard disk. That's enough capacity for up to 300 hours of recorded television programming, depending on the format – HD or SD. The new media receiver also has three times more processing power than the previous model, plus a USB port.

Program favorites at the touch of a button
Viewers can press the EPG button for an overview of programs available. This enables viewers to put together their own TV schedule and record their favorite programs, which can be single broadcasts or entire TV series: Just one click and the intelligent system is ready to record an entire series – no one ever has to miss an episode of their favorite series again. The convenient menu shows viewers the TV programs that are scheduled for broadcasting two weeks in advance, as well as those shown over the past seven days. Specified content is available on demand. For those on the go, the media receiver can be programmed for recording from any Internet access point.

Popular programs every day
The new "Now on TV" function" uses the TV program window to show the current most popular Top 3 programs on EntertainTV. Special programs and recommendations from all content categories are also displayed – from unique documentaries to movies featuring popular stars, not to mention pilots of new TV series. This is how viewers get special tips about current highlights and are inspired to discover new programs. The function is managed through the EntertainTV menu on the TV set or the program manager in the EntertainTV mobile app on the user's personal device.

Remote control and smartphone in one
EntertainTV can be enjoyed on a TV set at home or on a smartphone or tablet when on the go. Using the remote control, viewers can transfer their search query from the tablet or smartphone to the TV screen. Users can also execute commands such as "Pause" or "Record" via smartphone. Content from mobile devices can be sent to a TV set by using the "Shift to TV" function: when mobile viewers start watching a program on their smartphones, they can continue watching the program on their TV set when they arrive home.

EntertainTV mobil
Watch a soccer championship in a beer garden, a favorite movie on the patio or the latest news while at the airport: With EntertainTV mobile users have access to some 40 live TV channels and thousands of videos for their smartphones or tablets – anytime and anyplace. Not to mention 2,000 selected movie highlights from the video library. In addition, they have the choice of recording programs exclusively with the cloud recorder for access via app, or recording programs in the memory of the media receiver at home.