HR Factbook of the financial year 2016

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The new HR Factbook of the financial year 2016 gives a clear and transparent overview of the most important key figures regarding the people who work for Deutsche Telekom.


Interested readers can find information on the age structure at Deutsche Telekom, the number of trained junior staff, the funding programs which we offer to our talents and the amount of money which is spend on our employees. These and numerous other interesting facts are clearly shown by means of explanatory texts within the HR Factbook. 

Here are some special highlights of the financial year 2016: 

  • 11.9 billion were accounted for salaries 
  • Deutsche Telekom employees spent 4.2 million hours on advanced training
  • Deutsche Telekom employees spent 672 million minutes in online conferences and thus reduced travel costs
  • An average full-time employee generated an adjusted EBITDA of € 97,105
  • 1,600 of our junior staff was taken on permanently, that is half the number of all new employees
  • The attrition rate within the Group has decreased from 4.39 to 4.01 percent
  • Ideas of our staff in Germany saved € 168.5 million
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If you are interested in learning more about facts and figures of HR, please have a look at our new HR Factbook (pdf, 6.6 MB)

The HR Factbook of 2014 /2015 as well as the personnel report of previous years can be found in our publications archive.