Licensing conditions images Deutsche Telekom AG

Please note the following license conditions:

Deutsche Telekom AG shall transfer to you free of charge the non-exclusive right of use to the Material, unlimited in time and space. The right of use exists exclusively for the purpose of producing a journalistic/editorial contribution the content of which is thematically related to the Digital X 2023 event. The right of use includes making the material publicly available on the Internet (including social media use), the right of reproduction, lecture, performance and presentation, the right of reproduction by means of visual or audio media as well as broadcasting on TV and also presentation in print media as well as the right of storage. You are permitted to include the material in your production, either in full or in part (including screenshots), with or without reference to the source ("Source: Deutsche Telekom AG"). Any further processing, in particular any alienation of the material or its inclusion in a context that is likely to discredit Deutsche Telekom Group or the persons depicted, is not permitted.

The commercial (including against payment, e.g. merchandising)/advertising use of the material and any other use beyond that granted in these Terms of Use is not permitted. 

The Licensee is responsible for obtaining any necessary permissions for their intended use and for paying royalties to third parties, e.g. collecting societies.

The transfer of the material to third parties and its use by third parties is prohibited. Deutsche Telekom AG may revoke the right to use the material at any time without stating reasons, whereupon the licensee shall immediately delete the material from the server and cease public reproduction. 

German substantive law shall apply to the exclusion of international private law and the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. Place of jurisdiction is Cologne.