Music makes moments

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A life without music? It’s difficult to imagine! Loud or soft, music gives everyday life a soundtrack – it sets the beat. Apple Music and Deutsche Telekom.

Whether a summer storm or a walk on the beach, we associate special moments in our lives with specific songs, and whether you are sitting at home or out and about, there is always music to fit your mood.

Always have the perfect soundtrack
It’s the best offer any music lover could hope for – from September 2, all Deutsche Telekom mobile customers can exclusively trial Apple Music for six months, completely free of charge. That means having access to more than 30 million songs to accompany just as many special moments. Besides numerous playlists for every mood, users also get personalized recommendations from the Apple Music team and big-name curators. The end result is a very convenient and straightforward way to discover new music, both online and offline.

Various artists, such as Taylor Swift, Dr. Dre, Britney Spears and Pharrell Williams, also use Apple Music as an exclusive platform for releasing their latest singles and albums. There are even more new songs to be discovered round the clock on Beats1, the integrated radio station that beams the best mix to your smartphone, tablet or PC from a number of cities around the world.

Another exclusive streaming offer
The partnership with Apple Music is helping Deutsche Telekom to expand its music streaming portfolio. Four years ago, the company became Germany’s first telecommunications provider to work with Spotify, and now another big-name streaming service is being added to Apple Music. To date, no other telecommunications company in Europe has established a partnership with the American music service.

Flexible model – something for everyone
New customers, existing customers and customers renewing their contracts, with smartphone or data-only rate plans, can all explore the world of Apple Music free of charge for six months. At the end of the six-month try-before-you-buy offer, customers decide for themselves whether they want to pay 9.95 euros a month to continue using Apple Music. A text message reminder is sent to users before the end of the trial subscription. Payment is very convenient, with charges appearing on the user’s phone bill. Another advantage is that the subscription can be canceled daily up to the end of the month.