MyWallet turns smartphones into pocketbooks

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MyWallet is an app for Android smartphones. It transforms these devices into digital wallets. All of the things we normally carried in our wallets can now be kept digitally in our smartphones: girocards, credit cards, coupons, tickets, ID cards and customer cards used for shopping. The app can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store for use with modern Android smartphones such as those from Samsung, HTC, LG or Sony.

Customer shopping cards can be kept in MyWallet in digital form, along with coupons von HIT, Edeka Südwest and SKY. What's more, several pilot projects are being conducted with our partners to enable the integration of parking garage tickets and mass transit tickets into the MyWallet solution. In addition, our employees can gain access to Deutsche Telekom buildings with MyWallet and also keep their company credit card in MyWallet as well.

Mobile payment with MyWallet

Around midyear we will be integrating credit cards issued by the Targobank in the MyWallet solution so that our customers will also be able to enjoy the benefits of mobile payment.

We are also collaborating with the "Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken" Group (VR) of savings banks in Germany on the integration of the "girocard" in MyWallet. At CeBIT 2016 we joined our partners Vodafone and Telefonica to present a showcase demonstration of the mobile payment concept. The project is currently in the demonstration phase of the proof of concept. The first market tests are scheduled to take place this year. Based on this project, some 112 million SIM cards currently in use could be linked up with more than 26 million VR bank cards in Germany.

The NFC City Berlin Project, which Telekom conducted in collaboration with the city's leading retailers and telecommunications providers (from May 2015 to April 2016), confirmed that customers are quite willing to use mobile payment methods: The typical average payment was EUR 10 – and 60 percent of the customers said they would gladly pay higher sums with their smartphones.