Telekom brings the Internet into the car

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The Internet is forcing its way powerfully into the car, bringing with it all kinds of data, services and applications. The car is developing into a connected device and becoming an office on wheels.

New business models and economic requirements such as increasing efficiency, complying with regulations, an increasing number of electric vehicles and the desire for comprehensive mobility concepts are turning the connection of driver and vehicle into an unstoppable process. In all the developments, safety takes priority.

So that the Internet and mini-programs are always available, even en route, Telekom is combining various technologies so that the on-board computer has constant reception. This includes transmission channels such as UMTS, HSDPA and GPRS.

Along with BMW, Deutsche Telekom provides the telematic service "Connected Drive". All vehicle classes of the Munich automotive company are provided with a "thinking" maintenance system, expanded traffic information, an automatic SOS or Google services. Since 2009, T-Systems and Continental have been developing a multi-media system which brings together navigation, Internet and online services.

The Deutsche Telekom Group's "Connected Car" business area concentrates on the following markets:

  • Automotive manufacturers: Brand differentiation and customer retention are increasingly provided by online services. Telekom is developing a terminal-independent white-label platform for manufacturers and service providers.
  • Logistics service providers: Increasing utilization and the avoidance of unloaded trips require vehicles and goods to be traceable in real time. Telekom integrates all the actors in the logistics network on a modern telematics platform.
  • Fleet operators: Higher efficiency, transparency and improved carbon footprint through vehicle and driver management for commercial fleets. Together with MAN, T-Systems has developed a telematics application which automatically transfers vehicle data to the control center and repair shops.
  • Consumers: Traffic-safe use of private communication, social networks and personal data from the cloud.

Deutsche Telekom is an industry partner in the field of traffic research. The Ministries of Economics and Technology and of Education and Research are supporting the project "Safe Intelligent Mobility - Test Field Germany" (simTD). At CeBIT 2011, Telekom presented a prototype with the following applications: telephony, having e-mails read out and answered by voice input, infotainment (personalized radio, Twitter), an app for electric vehicles (service station finder, navigation) and a solution for vehicle fleets (log book). The apps run on a tablet PC with a large display and integrated voice control, which make them safe in traffic and suitable for use by drivers. The apps are linked to services from the Telekom cloud, the advantage being that users can access them not just in the car, but also on their PC or from another smartphone.