Telekom Chief Brand Officer named "CMO of the Year 2016"

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Chief Brand Officer Hans-Christian Schwingen accepted the award for "CMO of the Year". With this accolade, he follows Dr. Ian Robertson (BMW) and Godo Röben (Rügenwalder Mühle).

Hans-Christian Schwingen named "CMO of the Year".

Hans-Christian Schwingen named "CMO of the Year".

Hans-Christian Schwingen has the shaped brand strategy and marketing communications at Deutsche Telekom for nine years. In the jury's opinion, Hans-Christian Schwingen made a crucial contribution to Deutsche Telekom during a difficult phase in its development, making the brand what it is today: Europe's most valuable telecommunications brand and one of the most valuable German brands worldwide. He succeeded in establishing a clear brand strategy under the ubiquitous "T" and transformed Deutsche Telekom from a technology brand to an experience brand.

"As an affirmation of our philosophy"

Hans-Christian Schwingen sees this award “as an affirmation of our philosophy: namely, that we need social ties to develop as people and that Deutsche Telekom provides the necessary tools for maintaining these ties. And it's confirmation of the hard work of many. After all, every single person at the company is responsible for the credibility of a brand – in both their actions and inaction and in both their business and personal lives."