The cloud continues to grow: Deutsche Telekom is expanding the data center in Biere

At CeBIT 2016 Deutsche Telekom announced the planned expansion of its "Fort Knox for data" – now the project is well underway at the construction site.

Back in July 2014, Deutsche Telekom opened its largest and most innovative cloud data center in Biere, a town located near Magdeburg, Germany. Since that time, the demand for secure and reliable cloud services "Made in Germany" has continued to skyrocket. In response to this rising demand, Deutsche Telekom announced that it would be launching a major construction project to expand its high-performance data center in Biere. The announcement was made at CeBIT in March 2016.

This week the construction project got off to a great start. By adding three additional data center modules to the site, Deutsche Telekom is boosting the cloud capacity in Biere by 150 percent. The new modules are scheduled to begin operation in the second quarter of 2018. As in the past, sustainability plays a key role in this building project. The new facilities will also consume about 30 percent less energy compared with similar data centers, and the energy mix will include a large share of renewable energy sources.