Tickets sold out? Yesterday's news

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With MagentaMusik 360, Deutsche Telekom proves its mettle once again as a leading provider of innovative music entertainment in the best network.

Magenta Entertain Musik

Attractive concerts and festivals are streamed in the latest VR and 360° technologies free of charge and are also available on demand – conveniently through the MagentaMusik 360 App, on the MagentaMusik 360 website, and on MagentaTV. 

So close you can almost touch it

Fans can experience concerts as if they were on stage, from the comfort of their own homes or on the go. MagentaMusik 360 partner Samsung has the ideal hardware for this live show experience: its Galaxy S9 smartphone and Samsung Gear VR, which make the perfect combination with the MagentaMusik 360 app. In addition, Deutsche Telekom's PrioTicket program offers an exclusive 48-hour pre-sales period for selected music concerts.