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All-round carefree: WLAN in all corners of the home

  • Attractive home networking offers with expert service
  • New campaign emphasizes Deutsche Telekom triad of best network, best products and best service
WLAN in all corners of the home.

WLAN in all corners of the home.

"Trouble-free WLAN at home is only available from Telekom. This is the central theme of Telekom's new campaign. It starts on February 8 with attractive offers and a targeted customer approach. 

The focus is on providing optimum WLAN coverage within the home. Whether outdated technology, thick walls or poor configuration: there can be many reasons for poor WLAN reception. "With our 'WLAN in all corners' campaign, we are showing how important perfect WLAN is at home. At the moment, this is again more topical than ever. After all, we all work a lot in our home offices and are simply at home more," explains Christian Loefert, Head of Communications and Sales Marketing at Telekom Deutschland.

The prerequisite for perfect WLAN is, of course, Telekom's best network, combined with perfectly coordinated WLAN packages and the best service. Here, Telekom offers a truly complete solution for customers.

Two new packages for maximum convenience in the best home network

Telekom is launching two new packages for fast and convenient surfing: WLAN Comfort and WLAN Comfort Plus. These include the Speedport Smart 4 router and, depending on the package selected, one or up to three Speed Home WLAN mesh repeaters. Telekom experts actively call customers, set up the home network together and optimize the WLAN.

Those who prefer personal service can book an on-site installation appointment when ordering the package. The offers are rounded off by access to the Pro version of the MagentaZuhause app. More information about the new app is available here.

Users of the WLAN Comfort Plus package also benefit from ongoing support: Telekom experts help with all questions and problems with hardware such as PCs, tablets or smartphones. They also provide support with software applications such as video conferencing tools and WLAN problems. Help is provided by phone, via secure remote access or even directly on site once a year if required. An absolute all-round package for the best home network. 

WLAN Comfort is available from February 8 and includes the Speedport Smart 4 and a Speed Home WLAN mesh repeater for EUR 10.95 per month. In addition to the powerful router, the WLAN Comfort Plus package even includes up to three Speed Home WLANs. It will be available from March 8 for EUR 16.95 per month. The minimum contract term for both packages is 12 months.

Best service ensures a stable home network 

"We know that a functioning home network is particularly important for our customers. The bandwidth has to arrive everywhere at home. If it doesn't, the causes are usually easy to fix. With the online WLAN check, customers can use a checklist to find out for themselves what can be optimized. It's even easier when our experts set everything up perfectly by phone or on site," says Ferri Abolhassan, Managing Director of Sales & Service at Telekom Deutschland. 

360° campaign attracts attention

TV commercials, out-of-home communication, print motifs and flyers, as well as a targeted approach on social media, implement the topic of "Worry-free WLAN" with a wide reach and tailored to the target group.

On TV, an updated spot that was first seen in 2020 ensures recognition. The social media clips first show people in uncomfortable situations searching for the optimal connection versus people with Telekom's carefree WLAN: The young woman working in the kitchen under the table versus ... Or the student streaming in the storage room versus ....

The ad motifs put the products in the foreground with the WLAN packages and also humanize them by showing three real Telekom experts from the store, the hotline and the field service - representing the total of 30,000 service employees. 

The campaign starts on February 8 and runs until the end of April. 

More information and the WLAN check can be found here. (German only) 


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