An IoT standard for more innovation: T-Mobile Austria and Deutsche Telekom demonstrate their first oneM2M prototype

  • Lack of IoT standard slows innovation on the IoT market
  • oneM2M as the software standard for IoT gives independence to developers and users
  • Potential app market for IoT devices emerges from oneM2M

T-Mobile Austria and Deutsche Telekom have been participating in the development of the worldwide oneM2M IoT interface standard and are demonstrating one of the first prototypes at MWC19 Barcelona. “The nationwide NarrowBand IoT network from T-Mobile Austria offers a globally standardized radio technology for the Internet of Things in Austria. The industry urgently needs a standard such as oneM2M for IoT interfaces and applications. This is the only way to develop a diverse, innovative market for IoT products similar to the Android or iOS applications we are familiar with,” says Maria Zesch, CCO Business & Digitalization T-Mobile Austria.

At MWC19 Barcelona, T-Mobile Austria and Deutsche Telekom are demonstrating an IoT module with preinstalled oneM2M software that can be connected to a smart water meter, for example. This IoT module prototype, which features the Qualcomm® MDM9206 LTE modem from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., offers not only oneM2M, but also NarrowBand IoT radio compatibility, allowing water meters data via any oneM2M compatible provider to be used and displayed by another oneM2M based application. This interoperability wouldn’t be possible, if water meters based on individual solutions do not have open, standardized interfaces or compatibility with different IoT providers. This prototype was implemented in collaboration with the American start-up Chordant that specializes in IoT solutions for smart cities.

Open and flourishing IoT market

“In today’s world, parking lots or streetlights in smart cities equipped with IoT sensors are bound to closed vertical systems of hardware and software components from individual providers. In contrast, oneM2M aims to achieve independence by creating a standard for all manufacturers, developers and providers so they can create interoperable solutions as part of an ecosystem. This enables an open and flourishing IoT market”, says Felix Wunderer, who is responsible for IoT Product and Portfolio Management at Deutsche Telekom. 

The most important advantages of oneM2M are manufacturer and cloud provider independence for business customer end users, as well as a uniform development basis for IoT products and applications similar to those for the Android or iOS smartphones. This combination opens up new markets for IoT applications such as an app market for IoT devices like smart water meters.

More information about oneM2M can be found here
oneM2M prototype press images.

More on the oneM2M standard and prototype at MWC19 Barcelona from 25 to 28 February at the Deutsche Telekom booth 3M31 in hall 3.

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