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Bonn-Hofgartenwiese: Open-air concerts moved from May to August 2022

  • Open-air concerts moved from May to August 2022
  • Tickets will still be valid or can be returned at booking offices for a refund
Robbie Williams to play 2022 in Bonn

Robbie Williams to play 2022 in Bonn

"Covid-19" has been spreading across the globe for more than two years. Due to the still dynamic pandemic and the associated planning uncertainty, the Bonn concert promoter elh promotion decided to postpone the open-air concerts planned for May of this year once again. The concerts with Kraftwerk, the Fantastischen Vier and Robbie Williams will now take place at the Hofgartenwiese in Bonn at the end of August 2022.

These relocations required extensive organization and coordination with the artists, their management, the University of Bonn, Deutsche Telekom and the city of Bonn.  Ernst-Ludwig Hartz, Managing Director of Ernst-Ludwig Hartz Promotion GmbH, which is responsible for staging the open-air concerts, thanks everyone involved for their excellent cooperation and collaboration. At the same time, he adds: "The health and safety of our concert visitors, musicians and employees continues to be our top priority".

Bonn - Hofgartenwiese Open-Air-Concerts 2022

08/26/2022        Die Fantastischen Vier, Start: 7 pm (instead of 05/13/2022)
08/27/2022        Announcement follows end of May 2022*
08/28/2022.       Kraftwerk 3D, Beginn: 9 pm (instead of 05/14/2022)
08/30/2022        Robbie Williams, Start: 8 pm (instead of 05/15/2022)
*Due to contractual agreements, the announcement can only be made at the end of May 2022

Tickets already purchased remain valid for the replacement dates or can be returned and refunded at the advance ticket offices where they were purchased.

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