Bouncer from the cloud makes industrial systems secure

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  • HM 2017: Deutsche Telekom presents its solution for secure remote maintenance in industrial systems
  • Solution added to the offering of solutions for connected production
  • Telekom Security offers industrial products for real-time detection and prevention of attacks

Today, whenever a problem occurs in an industrial systems or critical infrastructure such as a power plant, water supply, or traffic control systems, an expert connects remotely to the system and investigates the incident. Such external interfaces, however, represent a gateway for potential invaders. At the Hannover Messe, Deutsche Telekom will present its innovative solution "Industrial Access Protect Pro" which offers a virtual space in the cloud where experts can interact with technical facilities without having direct access to the actual system. The project-based solution complements the portfolio elements for secure industry that were presented at CeBIT 2017 in Hanover.

Industrial Access Protect Pro is a comprehensive and flexible remote maintenance solution that consists of a rendezvous server, a management portal, and encryption instances. The solution is located in the cloud and/or at the customer's premises and provides granular control of each individual access, monitors operations in real time and logs activities for documentation. This way, it is possible to document and track the person, the system, and time of access as well as the relevant maintenance operations around the clock. A key security-related feature of the solution is its ability to deny direct access of external technicians to the managed systems. That is because connections required to carry out maintenance operations always have to be approved and enabled by the customer via the rendezvous server.

The application simplifies the secure management of various user profiles with a wide range of specific requirements pertaining to remote access and different authorizations. This ensures that only authorized persons have precisely the corresponding level of access assigned to them to sensitive areas of such industrial systems or critical infrastructures.

Deutsche Telekom offers this solution jointly with German IT security provider genua.

Industrial Access Protect Pro complements the range of secure products for connected production and infrastructure that Deutsche Telekom had presented at CeBIT 2017 in Hanover: To detect vulnerabilities, malfunctions, and cyber attacks in real time or prevent them in advance, Deutsche Telekom had presented two solutions designed for protecting industrial facilities and their control systems.

Self-learning solution triggers alerts in real time

Industrial Threat Protect Pro is designed to detect anomalies in the communication activities of an industrial plant. The solution can detect an attack and can also trigger an alert in the event of malfunctions that are not caused by cyber attacks. Developed by Israel-based cyber security company CyberX, the solution is a self-learning system: It is able to register standard commands as well as compliant and regular activities within an industrial plant. Upon registering a deviation or detecting any system vulnerabilities, Industrial Threat Protect Pro provides real-time notifications and displays detailed incident information on a user-friendly control panel This allows the persons in charge to analyze and assess the relevant incident and initiate countermeasures.

Telekom Security is offering Industrial Threat Protect Pro in collaboration with CyberX exclusively in Germany for a period of 12 months.

Firewall prevents data loss in industrial networks

Telekom Security is also offering Industrial Network Protect Pro, a distributed firewall solution for industrial networks. The new offering is primarily designed to prevent unauthorized parties from accessing networks and, consequently, to prevent the uncontrolled flow (and loss) of data. The solution, which Deutsche Telekom offers in collaboration with the Israel-based company Radiflow, makes it possible to subdivide the customer network into secure zones and to monitor and control the flow of data between these zones.

This prevents unauthorized access to control systems and any unwanted data flows (and consequently data loss).

Furthermore, customers can also use Industrial Network Protect Pro to securely connect smaller sites: This innovative solution can implement centrally managed, cross-site and cross-vendor security policies and can thus create a standardized level of technical compliance.

Telekom Security is offering Industrial Network Protect Pro in collaboration with Radiflow exclusively in Germany until the end of 2017.

The solutions presented at the CeBIT cater to the requirements of utilities companies, producers of renewable energy, or manufacturing companies, both large and small, and are already available on the market.

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