Bring Android apps on track for success with DG App Monitor

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  • Developer Garden (DG) offers developers an innovative service for the quality control of Android apps: DG App Monitor
  • The multitude of terminals and Android versions is no longer a problem when testing apps
  • Deutsche Telekom successfully combines German data privacy and security standards with Israeli technology

Quality is the top priority. In time for the beginning of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Developer Garden (DG), Deutsche Telekom’s developer ecosystem, is making DG App Monitor available as a tool for developing high-quality apps. With this new service, developers receive a comprehensive overview of their apps’ technical capabilities on a variety of different terminals and Android versions. This allows common sources of errors to be identified quickly and optimizes the customer experience, which is decisive for success on the market. Android’s widespread distribution makes it very attractive to developers. At the same time, the multitude of terminals and versions presents developers with a big challenge. An app might work on one device, but prove error-prone on another. Developers cannot test their apps on all of the Android versions and terminals available. DG App Monitor solves this problem with a Web-based dashboard that shows developers and product managers statistical data as well as in-depth insights into the performance of the app. For example, developers can find out in which cases using the app might lead to high battery consumption, memory problems or system crashes. How does it work? All interested developers can register and download a software development kit in the Developer Garden portal. They can then integrate it into their app in just a few steps. The runtime behavior of the app will be monitored and aggregated anonymously in highly-secure data centers without affecting the customer experience. Data privacy remains protected. Developers can access a broad range of evaluations on a Web interface at any time. In addition to free access for all developers (limited to one app per developer), attractive models for professional users are also available. A version with extended functions and the possibility of monitoring several apps simultaneously is available for a monthly fee. DG App Monitor is based on innovative technology from Israeli company Gryphonet, a specialist in quality control on Android devices. Gryphonet and the Deutsche Telekom Developer Garden have entered into a partnership for this purpose. Gryphonet is the creator of a state-of-the-art smartphones analytics platform that enables users to monitor their apps’ quality-related issues while adhering to the most stringent privacy requirements. The technology provides an as-yet unprecedented level of information - not only about the symptoms of a problem, but about its cause.

About Deutsche Telekom Deutsche Telekom is one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies with more than 131 million mobile customers, 33 million fixed-network lines and over 17 million broadband lines (as of September 30, 2012). The Group provides products and services for the fixed network, mobile communications, the Internet and IPTV for consumers, and ICT solutions for business customers and corporate customers. Deutsche Telekom is present in around 50 countries and has over 230,000 employees worldwide. The Group generated revenues of EUR 58.7 billion in the 2011 financial year – more than half of it outside Germany (as of December 31, 2011). About Developer Garden Developer Garden ( is Deutsche Telekom's developer ecosystem. As a central platform it offers software developers and business partners easy access to Deutsche Telekom’s technologies and services. The product portfolio includes premium components, Web services and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for the efficient development of software applications. The platform also supports developers and partners with marketing and monetization. About Gryphonet Gryphonet Ltd. (www. is the world’s first company to implement a solution that enables application writers and operators to effectively deal with the dynamic and fragmented smartphone environment.