CarConnect connects car and home via Magenta SmartHome

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  • Control home appliances from your car 
  • Access ADAC’s digital breakdown assistance across Europe in a few clicks 
  • CarConnect adapter for 1 euro until October 31, 2019
CarConnect, Smartphone

CarConnect vernetzt Auto und Zuhause über Magenta SmartHome.

CarConnect is set to link users’ vehicles to their homes, controlling the lights, blinds, and music at home while still on the road. From October 1st anyone who uses CarConnect and Magenta SmartHome can benefit from this innovation and conveniently link their vehicle up to their own four walls. This service makes users’ lives safer and easier, helps save energy, and ensures their homes are better protected. It helps reduce the strain of everyday life, too. 

CarConnect can do a whole lot: 

  • Warm up the house or flat when the driver starts to drive home. 
  • Light up the house when the car arrives at home.
  • Switch energy guzzlers to standby when the driver leaves the house.

All this is possible thanks to the built-in geo-fencing function, which can be set up in a simple, one-time process. First, users define a set area for a location in the CarConnect app. This could be their home or place of work. It is possible to define multiple locations. Afterwards, users set rules in the SmartHome app, such as: “When my car gets 200 meters from the house, switch the lights out.” All settings are automatically activated when users leave or arrive at the defined locations. 
CarConnect can now also be linked to the Conrad Connect IoT platform, which is available at

Expanded service offering – digital ADAC breakdown assistance with CarConnect 

In the future, users of the CarConnect app can benefit from automobile association ADAC’s digital breakdown assistance service throughout the EU. In other words, CarConnect is ensuring better road safety across the whole of Europe. In the event of a breakdown, ADAC’s technicians are just a few clicks away. The vehicle’s location is transmitted automatically, meaning the driver no longer has to make a call. 

The familiar CarConnect functions are, of course, still available. The adapter will continue to function as a hot spot on wheels. CarConnect offers a monthly volume of up to 10 GB for 9.95 euros per month, enabling users to surf using the best LTE network anywhere they like on up to five devices. CarConnect also sends alerts in case of parking collisions and car theft and displays the current travel route and battery status. The CarConnect adapter is available as a special offer for 1 euro (instead of 39.95 euros) until October 31, 2019.

Many Bosch Car Service repair shops now offer CarConnect, too.

Further information about Deutsche Telekom at the IFA 2019 can be found here.


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