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Cloud by Design from T-Systems

  • Put together applications using drag and drop 
  • Unique tool from the Open Telekom Cloud
Cloud Topology Designer

Cloud Topology Designer

The Open Telekom Cloud offers a new tool that will make life easier for developers and cloud architects. The unparalleled Cloud Topology Designer (CTD) lets them build applications using drag and drop. These applications work not just on the Open Telekom Cloud, but also with Google Cloud and AWS. 

“We want to make it easier for cloud users to manage multi-cloud landscapes,” explained Dr. Hoang Tri Vo, cloud architect at T-Systems. “With this in mind, we designed the web interface, for instance, to be incredibly easy to use.” The CTD comes with preconfigured modules that make developing software much faster. Preconfigured modules include 

  • Network, 
  • Processors,
  • Storage,
  • Application servers, 
  • Databases. 

In the past, it would take weeks if not months to customize applications to new cloud infrastructures. Now though, applications can be provided in another cloud in minutes.

The CTD is free for Open Telekom Cloud customers. They pay only for the resources they put together and use. The browser-based tool will enter the beta phase from September 1. 

Powered by open source

CTD uses TOSCA (Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications) for application descriptions. This standard comes from international nonprofit organization OASIS,  that specializes in e-business and web-service standards. The Cloud Topology Designer is licensed as open source software. 
For more details and access go to (live from September 1).

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