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Data turbo for suppliers

  • T-Systems modernizes electronic exchange of data. 
  • Electronic Data Interchange for more than one million transactions per day.
  • Private cloud in the EU.
Truck production and data streams.

Managed EDI Services Plus, or MEDIS+ for short, from T-Systems is a complete package for data exchange between several thousand participants: It ranges from migration of the legacy system to operation and maintenance to a hotline. © Deutsche Telekom/ GettyImages/ 3alexd; Montage: Evelyn Ebert Meneses

T-Systems is modernizing electronic data exchange with suppliers, including for Daimler Truck. The so-called Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) translates data formats between several thousand partners and the production sites worldwide. It sends purchase orders, delivery bills and invoices directly to the computer systems of the associated companies – more than a million transactions a day. T-Systems is building the new solution in the private cloud in the European Union. 

T-Systems' Managed EDI Services Plus, or MEDIS+ for short, is a complete package: it covers everything from migration of the legacy system to operation, maintenance and a hotline. MEDIS+ meets all current standards. And it significantly speeds up the introduction of new solutions and connectors. The platform for Daimler Truck is particularly fast and reliable. MEDIS+ processes data in just a few seconds and is available at least 99.9 percent of the time. T-Systems achieved this with a combination of two private clouds. MEDIS+ also streamlines many electronic data exchange processes. For example, new suppliers can be connected more quickly. Partners adjust the configuration themselves in a portal. 

T-Systems implements the EDI processes with a solution from Seeburger. The Business Integration Suite, or BIS for short, is a modular integration concept. It is fully cloud-enabled and covers all integration patterns. For the private cloud solution, T-Systems has opted for Oracle and its in-house Future Cloud Infrastructure (FCI). The Oracle RAC database runs on the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance (PCA). All other system components use T-Systems' FCI based on VMware. T-Systems stores the data in the European Union.

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