Deutsche Telekom and Huawei show record-breaking over the air speed

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  • Live demo conducted on millimeter wave (mmWave) band at 73GHz achieves speeds of up to 70Gbps
  • mmWave Multi-user MIMO technology can achieve unprecedented speed and capacity to enable extreme 5G use cases
  • The showcase indicates that Deutsche Telekom has more in store on 5G for the MWC

With just a few days left before the start of the Mobile World Congress, the Deutsche Telekom 5G:haus and Huawei have revealed the first details of a 5G showcase that will surely cause a stir in Barcelona. In the worldwide highest mmWave access capacity demonstration, they achieved up to 70Gbps multi-user connection speeds, providing the highest mmWave spectrum efficiency. The live demo gives good insights on how the advanced multi-beam forming technology could enable an ultra-high broadband experience for customers in indoor scenarios as well as in extremely crowded areas.

"We have now proven the potential of the advanced mmWave Multi-user MIMO concept for the most extreme 5G use cases. These require that network operators offer ultra-high transmission in crowded areas,” says Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, Chief Technology Officer, Deutsche Telekom. “With our 5G:haus, we are committed to engaging in the best innovation concepts and evaluate advanced technologies with leading partners to drive 5G in the right direction."

How it works

Multi-beam forming technology uses cutting-edge meta-material antennas. This class of antennas allows highly miniaturized antenna systems, while maintaining high beam-forming performance. Meta-material antennas behave as if they were much larger than their actual physical size.

The meta-material based focal array (MMFA) technology is used to create steerable pencil pointing beams between the antenna array and users’ devices. They transmit at the same time and at the same frequency, separated by their different beam signatures. Thus mmWave Multi-user MIMO technology provides more than 20Gbps extremely high connectivity speed to every individual user. This is more than 60 times faster compared to the fastest mobile broadband connection today. Customers could download a breathtaking 100GB 4K resolution video in only 40 seconds. The mmWave bands can be used as a complementary spectrum to the lower-band to deliver an ultra-high mobile broadband user experience.

“Huawei is investing tremendous efforts into the innovation of 5G key enabling technology”, said Dr. Wen Tong, Chief 5G scientist, Huawei Wireless CTO. “The mmWave Mu-MIMO technology can achieve unprecedented fiber-like speed for mobile broadband access. With customer-centric innovation in mind, Huawei will continue to push the technology envelope jointly with our customer to deliver best-in-class 5G solutions.

About 5G:haus
Deutsche Telekom set up its 5G:haus program in March 2015 to evaluate potential 5G technology enablers with global leading industry partners. At the Mobile World Congress 2016 – less than one year after the launch – the 5G:haus will not only demonstrate 5G Leadership, but the worldwide most comprehensive 5G system so far.

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