Deutsche Telekom tests TeraStream, the network of the future, in Croatia

  • TeraStream is a revolutionizing cloud-enabled IP network architecture
  • First pilot test operated by Hrvatski Telekom in Croatia
  • TeraStream represents a milestone in the way of cooperation across Deutsche Telekom footprint

Deutsche Telekom announced today the launch of its first pilot of TeraStream, an industry leading network concept, based on a cloud enabled Internet Protocol (IP) architecture. The first pilot test of this revolutionizing concept is taking place in the Zagreb area of Croatia and is operated by Hrvatski Telekom, member of Deutsche Telekom Group. On top, the implementation of TeraStream represents a milestone in the efficient and successful collaboration across the Deutsche Telekom Group. "Technology is key to success in our industry. TeraStream is a revolution in network architecture - creating a lean and simple backbone that is ready for the enormous traffic increase of the future and new services. With this pilot in Croatia we are leading within the industry. Hrvatski Telekom is a pioneer for the entire group." says Claudia Nemat, Board Member Europe and Technology Deutsche Telekom. TeraStream architecture is based on the ‘simple – lean – differentiated’ approach. It is a novel and open architecture transforming the way telecommunications networks are built. Terastream significantly reduces IT complexity by applying the cloud model to network infrastructure. Deutsche Telekom has been working intensively on that aspect the last two years. This will enable Deutsche Telekom to deliver innovative services, like Cloud applications, much faster and with the best quality to its customers. Exponential traffic growth will continue in the years to come. According to various analysts’ reports, a ten to fifty-fold traffic increase is expected up to 2020. To address that, Deutsche Telekom has developed TeraStream applying the internet mindset into network technology. This first milestone of this long-term program was set in Zagreb where Hrvatski Telekom is running the first field trial with residential users providing them with ultra-fast broadband services.

About Deutsche Telekom Deutsche Telekom is one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies with more than 131 million mobile customers, 33 million fixed-network lines and over 17 million broadband lines (as of September 30, 2012). The Group provides products and services for the fixed network, mobile communications, the Internet and IPTV for consumers, and ICT solutions for business customers and corporate customers. Deutsche Telekom is present in around 50 countries and has over 230,000 employees worldwide. The Group generated revenues of EUR 58.7 billion in the 2011 financial year - more than half of it outside Germany (as of December 31, 2011).