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Develop artificial intelligence with the Open Telekom Cloud

  • Platform for AI developers available now
  • Use existing models without programming knowledge
  • Free trial of the ModelArts beta version
Develop artificial intelligence with the Open Telekom Cloud.

Develop artificial intelligence with the Open Telekom Cloud.

The German Telekom provides AI developers with the ModelArts platform from the Open Telekom Cloud. In the beta version, users can test it free of charge. Access is via the Open Telekom Cloud website. Or now directly via the new AI homepage.

No programming skills? No problem!

With the auto-learning function, developers can train an AI model even without much experience. Different use cases can be activated with one mouse click. Object and image recognition are available as well as predictive analytics. These are predictive analyses that are used, for example, to calculate maintenance intervals. Only three steps are necessary until the AI recognizes objects. In the first stage, the program receives several images with the marked object. In stage two the algorithm trains the object recognition. And in the third stage the user generates his program and can test its learned "abilities" on unknown images.

Preinstalled frameworks for specialists

Professionals can also access pre-installations of common open source frameworks (utility programs with open source code). Exemplary are mentioned here: Tensorflow, PyTorch, Mindspore, MXNet and Caffe. They can immediately work with their own code. In addition, ready-made algorithms, which only need to be

trained accordingly, shorten programming times. With virtual OpenSource Jupyter notebooks, they have access to the required computing and storage power.

All from one source, from a European cloud, according to consumption

The preparation of the data and the training of the AI takes place exclusively in the Open Telekom Cloud. The relevant training data is specially secured in accordance with the basic data protection regulation (DSGVO). The finished AI model can be used from the cloud or at a later development stage on an edge device. All resources, including computing and storage capacity, are only billed according to use. The developer switches these on and off with a mouse click. If autostop is activated, the system does this automatically after a certain time. This avoids costly idle times.

During the public beta phase, the (limited) use of ModelArts is free, with costs only being incurred for the used storage. Get more information in the community blog and attend the information session on 29 January 2021.

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