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Tim Höttges and Edward Snowden live at Digital X - Digital Edition

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  • Digital X will take place on 19 May online as Digital Edition
  • Digital marketplace and virtual exchange with digitization experts for decision-makers from Germany's SMEs
  • In focus: How does digitization support companies during and after the Corona crisis?
  • Sponsor Hagen Rickmann to open the virtual conference

The corona pandemic poses major challenges for small and medium-sized companies. The Digital X Initiative gives support on urgent problems and in making a fresh start: Digital X - Digital Edition brings digitizers, decision-makers and visionaries together on a virtual platform on May 19. 

In live chats, experts will answer questions about digital transformation. On the digital marketplace, participants will learn about concrete solutions for their business. Experienced digitizers share their knowledge in breakout sessions on five different virtual stages. Each participant selects his or her own individual program. 

Highlights of the event are top-class speakers. The virtual stages of Digital X - Digital Edition include 

  • Tim Höttges, Chief Executive Officer of Deutsche Telekom AG 
  • Hagen Rickmann, Managing Director Business Customers of Deutsche Telekom AG and sponsor of the Digital-X initiative
  • Edward Snowden, former CIA operative and whistleblower 

Judith Rakers, journalist and newsreader moderates the afternoon. 

Thematic focus: Digital support and a new start

In the last two years, over 50,000 decision-makers have visited Digital X events. The initiative supports small and medium-sized companies in their digital transformation. COVID-19 has significantly changed the economy. Workflows are being re-thought and adapted. Via the virtual platform, digitally advanced companies share their knowledge and provide concrete assistance. Digital solutions and business models help with a fresh start after the upheaval. 

Digital X - Digital Edition replaces the regional events of the Digital X initiative in Berlin, Bochum, Hamburg, Offenbach, Stuttgart, Munich and Vienna. The closing event of Digital X 2020 will be held on November 19 and 20, 2020.

Background information
Digital X is Europe's largest cross-industry digitization initiative. More than 200 national and international partners are involved. It supports small and medium-sized companies in their digital transformation - 100 percent digital. The grand finale of Digital X 2020 will take place on November 19 and 20. The concept: networking, exchanging and learning from each other in the spirit of digital progress. The best companies will be honored with the "Digital Champions Award". Further details on the digitization initiative can be found here and at

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