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Even more cloud for Continental

  • T-Systems to implement Continental’s SAP cloud strategy
  • Hybrid cloud for 75,000 SAP users at 600 locations all over the world
  • T-Systems is the company’s exclusive SAP hosting partner

T-Systems to implement Continental’s SAP cloud strategy.

The technology company Continental has put its continued trust in T-Systems’ cloud services. The two companies have just signed a contract commissioning T-Systems to further implement Continental’s SAP cloud strategy. Newly added to the mix will be a number of applications to be accessed from the public cloud. Up until now, T Systems has been providing the automotive supplier with SAP services mainly out of the private cloud.  A hybrid cloud is set to emerge from the combination of public and private cloud.

On the basis of this future hybrid cloud architecture, Continental will be able to obtain dynamic SAP and non-SAP services either out of the public or private cloud. “Our experience with the private cloud has been very good,” explains Christian Eigler, Corporate CIO at Continental, “we’re now ready to take the next step. I can well imagine that within a few short years we will be accessing a large share of our SAP applications out of the public cloud.” Using the public cloud to extend their capacity is going to do more than just allow Continental to work more economically. It will also allow them to test innovations more quickly and to integrate such innovations into ongoing operations.  

Adel Al-Saleh, CEO of T-Systems, puts it like this: “We have been operating systems for Continental for ten years now. We are very excited to have been selected exclusively to help Continental implement and manage their cloud strategy, particularly for the SAP suite of applications. This is a confirmation from one of our premier clients that we understand the managed hybrid cloud business and have their confidence to take them on the cloud journey.”

T-Systems takes care of about 500 business-critical SAP systems for Continental all around the world, which together perform about 60 million processing operations per hour. About 75,000 users at 600 locations can access these systems. 
Deutsche Telekom’s IT service provider offers its customers a number of cloud platforms – from Amazon Web Services (AWS), through Microsoft Azure, all the way to the Open Telekom Cloud – and can manage them all on the customers’ behalf.  

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