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Fairphone 5 – Sustainability and innovation going hand in hand

  • Fast, powerful, reliable - over many years 
  • 5-year warranty and 8-year software support 
  • Available to order from Deutsche Telekom as of today
The new Fairphone 5

5G-capable, powerful and sustainable. Deutsche Telekom launches the new Fairphone 5. © Deutsche Telekom AG

Deutsche Telekom presents the latest member of the Fairphone family, the Fairphone 5. Under the motto "Designed for you. Made Fair.", the Fairphone 5 once again sets new standards for environmentally friendly technology and ethical responsibility. The smartphone is now available for pre-order at Deutsche Telekom. It will be delivered from September 14. It is available in matte black, for example, with the MagentaMobil L rate for 1 euro or a one-time charge of 699 euros. The Fairphone 4 is still available.

Durability and quality

The Fairphone 5 provides many years of enjoyment without harming the environment. By promoting durable, high-quality products, Fairphone aims to minimize its ecological footprint. The heart of the Fairphone 5 is an eight-core processor. It receives software updates for at least eight years. This ensures long-lasting performance. A 5-year warranty can be activated after purchase. This underlines the commitment to quality and durability.

Innovative Android 13 and convincing performance

The new smartphone differs from the predecessor both on the outside and on the software level. Compared to the Fairphone 4, the Fairphone 5 weighs a total of 200 grams. Thus, it is almost 25 grams lighter than before. It is also about 1 millimeter thinner than its predecessor. 
With the intuitive Android 13 user interface, users can customize and control the Fairphone 5. The powerful processor and expandable memory of up to 2 TB enable a seamless and customizable user experience.

Outstanding cameras and impressive videos

The Fairphone 5 features three improved cameras with premium dual lenses for top-notch shooting. It has a 50-megapixel main camera with ultra-wide-angle lenses for videos in up to 4K resolution. In addition to that, there is a 50-megapixel selfie camera.

Easy reparability for sustainable use

As with the previous models, the central feature of the Fairphone 5 is its modular design. While the Fairphone 4 was composed of eight modules, the Fairphone 5 has ten. This increases the ease of repair. The individual components of the smartphone are available as exchangeable spare parts. The Fairphone YouTube channel contains user-friendly tutorials. Thus, repairs can easily be performed by the users themselves.

Climate-conscious and e-waste neutral 

The marketing of the Fairphone 5 aims to minimize emissions. This is achieved through durability, repairability, use of recycled materials and increased use of renewable energy in manufacturing. Fairphone measures CO2 emissions throughout the product lifecycle, invests in CO2 reduction projects, and ensures the Fairphone 5 is e-waste neutral. For every device sold, Fairphone recycles at least one phone, regardless of the sales channel.

Fair procurement and social responsibility

Fairphone wants to improve the procurement of materials in the long term. With the Fairphone 5, the manufacturer sets a new standard for fair and recycled materials. It focuses on 14 materials that are sourced in a sustainable way. These include Fairtrade gold, IRMA lithium, recycled aluminum and rare earths and copper. Also, Fairphone offsets its consumption with a fair mining premium through fair gold, silver and cobalt credits.

Ecological and social responsibility

Ecological and social responsibility, accompanied by ambitious goals, are firmly anchored in Deutsche Telekom's corporate strategy. One of these goals is climate neutrality within the company by 2025. Deutsche Telekom aims to be completely climate neutral by 2040 at the latest. It also wants to reduce CO2 emissions by 55 percent by 2030 compared with 2020.

Another target is the topic of circular economy. Deutsche Telekom aims to establish a fully comprehensive circular economy for network technology and equipment in Europe by 2030. This includes take-back and recycling to reduce electronic waste and minimize environmental impact. Products and solutions such as the Fairphone 5 play a key role in achieving these goals.

About Deutsche Telekom: Deutsche Telekom Group profile

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