Guardrails agreed for agile working

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  • Telekom adopts "Manifesto of Agile Work" with Group Works Council
Manifesto of Agile Work.

Manifesto of Agile Work.

Deutsche Telekom has now reached agreement with the Group Works Council (KBR) on guardrails for agile working. The "Manifesto of Agile Work" is the framework for the Group. From now on, agile methods will be equated with other working methods within the company.

For Birgit Bohle, Deutsche Telekom's Board Member for Human Resources, the agreement is also an expression of the company's changing culture: "We want to become faster, better and simpler. For our customers. That's why teams need more autonomy. In this way, our employees become active shapers of the working world. We give them room to do so." The manifesto also emphasizes the special responsibility of managers: "Managers create the right environment. They should be mentors, coaches and driving forces.” She continues: "But we are not blindly following a trend.  Above all, we want to promote agile thinking. We use agile methods where they fit. Targeted, pragmatic and tailored to the respective requirements".

"Regulations remain unchanged"

Josef Bednarski, Chairman of the Deutsche Telekom Group Works Council, says: "With the Manifesto, we have defined guidelines at Group level that provide orientation for all participants and clarify the conditions under which agile working methods and organizational structures are applied. What is crucial for us is that existing operational and industry-wide regulations - such as those on working hours - and all other standards remain unchanged even when agile working methods and organizational structures are applied. In a nutshell: Agile does not override labour law".

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