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For secure growth: Haiilo will rely on the Sovereign Cloud in the future

  • Full control over data with maximum agility
  • Security also for business-critical applications
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Haiilo, the leading platform for employee communications, will rely on the Sovereign Cloud from T Systems and Google in the future. The combination of European-standard data security and global scalability convinced the fast-growing company. Just a year ago, the three European companies COYO, Smarp and Jubiwee merged to form Haiilo, with the aim of jointly becoming one of the world's leading software providers for internal corporate communications and employee advocacy.

The T-Systems Sovereign Cloud powered by Google Cloud went live in the middle of the year. This was preceded by intensive tests of the new platform. It combines data protection and data security in accordance with European regulations with the scalability and innovative power of a global cloud provider. 

T-Systems as trusted advisor

"These two points were central to our decision: the security of a cloud hosted in Germany combined with the maximum technical scalability of Google technology," explained Kevin Hähnlein, Head of Product Marketing at Haiilo. "T-Systems' strong role as a trusted advisor helps us continue to provide our customers with absolute security for their communications solutions."

Haiilo's employee communications platform is used by Deutsche Bahn, E.ON, Swarovski, Vorwerk and Deutsche Telekom, among others. With currently around 300 employees, the company has offices in Hamburg, London, Helsinki, Paris and Atlanta. For further growth after the merger, Haiilo now needs a scalable IT platform. "Maximum security is mandatory," Hähnlein emphasized, "because some of our solutions are among our customers' business-critical applications."

"I am not surprised that Haiilo, a young and innovative company, is the first customer to opt for our Sovereign Cloud," said Oliver Queck, responsible for the Sovereign Cloud with Google at T-Systems. "That's because our offering with our partner Google Cloud combines the two aspects that our customers keep asking for: full control over their data, rapid innovation and maximum systems agility."

The joint T-Systems and Google Cloud offering is being continuously expanded. T Systems takes responsibility for a range of operational measures and control mechanisms to maintain sovereignty. These include encryption and identity management. In addition, T-Systems will control relevant parts of the German Google Cloud infrastructure. Any physical or virtual access to facilities in Germany, such as routine maintenance and upgrades, will be under the joint supervision of T-Systems and Google Cloud.

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